Are you ready to change your life for the better? Then let’s get started! Regardless what it is that you want to create or experience, you need to start at the beginning. As all of the best wisdom of our day suggests, a clear dream and focus are necessary to start your journey.

Buy a small spiral notebook where you can record your dreams and goals. There is power in the written word and nothing helps you to clearly define what you want more than putting pen to paper. It clarifies your thoughts and helps you to focus on the details.

Be as specific as you can. What colors do you see? Who are you with? What is the environment? Write out every detail you can imagine, and add to it as you read it each day. Refine it; enhance it until it feels right to you.

Paint a picture with your words, and if you like to doodle, literally sketch a picture of what you want. If you are wanting a physical thing, like a new home, you can cut out pictures from a magazine and paste them into your journal. We are visual creatures and seeing a real picture of the item you desire will help bring it to you faster. One word of caution: be sure what you choose is something you really want. Don’t cut out the first picture of a house you see because your subconscious mind is more powerful than we know and you want to only focus on that which you really intend to bring into your experience.

Emotions are pivotal to your success. Imagine yourself living the life you want, experiencing the people, things, environments you desire. What does it feel like? Are you happy, playful, and joyous? Feel those feelings now and infuse your words with those feelings so every time you read the words you have penned you feel those same feelings.

What does it sound like? Is it soft, sweet and melodious? Is it loud, exciting, and full of energy? Listen. What does your dream sound like? If you have music in your possession that sounds like what you are creating, play it when you read your notebook. Infuse your notebook with emotion to bring it to life.

I sing my vision in my car on my commute to work every day. Whatever song is on the radio, I sing my own words as a way to anchor my dream into my being. I sing joyously, loudly and with passion. The more emotion you can put into your dream, the faster you will bring it into your experience.

The important thing is to begin. Today is the day to begin unfolding your present good.
So stop reading, and start writing! Begin at the beginning!

Dianna Good is the owner and founder of Present Good. If you would like to explore life coaching with Dianna, you can reach her at 209.627.6852. She is offering a free 30 minute session to the first 10 people who call.

Author's Bio: 

Dianna has studied with the greatest teachers of our time, including Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, T. Harv Eker, Mary Morrissey, and Jason Oliver, to name a few. She has the unique ability to connect with each client where they are and pull from her years of study and wisdom to help each person bring life into their life.