By Tom Breitenbach
Certified FocalPoint Executive & Business Coach
FocalPoint, Powered by Brian Tracy, Coaching Excellence

Why is it that some businesses flourish and prosper, sometimes completely regenerating themselves each year, while others fail? Perhaps thinking like a “Springtime Golfer” is the answer.

Golfers and spring are inexorably linked. While some golfers approach each new season with confidence, enthusiasm, and a plan for improvement, others choose to do the same things they did last season, hoping that this season might somehow, magically yield better results.

As a business owner or leader, how are you approaching each “season?” Perhaps the acronym, G.O.L.F.E.R, can provide a memorable way for us to keep that springtime approach in our business.

G is for Goal: Develop goals for your business and a plan to achieve them. Use Tiger Woods as an example of someone who sets goals that are SMART: Simple, Measurable Aligned with their values, Realistic, and Time bound. If your supposed goal is missing one of these elements, it is merely a wish.
Action: Dust off your business plan or seek help from a professional to create a strategic plan to achieve your goals.

O is for Objectivity: A successful business person, like a successful golfer, must be brutally objective as they evaluate themselves and their business (or golf game). Brian Tracy, a best selling author and business expert, states in his book, Crunch Point, “Perhaps the number one reason for success in life is clarity – about who you are, what you want and the details you are facing.”
Action: Commit to be brutally honest with yourself as you look at your business and how to improve results.

L is for Learning: Staying sharp mentally and continuing to learn new practices, ideas, and proven approaches for improvement are critical. Tiger Woods doesn’t let his ego get in the way of his continual drive to learn new things to keep him at the top of his game and neither should business leaders.
Action: Commit to reading books, listening to tapes, and consulting expert sources on business improvement.

F is for Follow-through: Great business leaders, like great golfers, have impeccable follow-through on their plans, commitments and priorities. They write their goals daily and only work on those things that have urgency and/or importance, while delegating or deleting the rest.
Action: Commit to writing and prioritizing your goals daily.

E is for Excellence: The pursuit of excellence is a never ending journey. In business, like with great golfers, we must not accept mediocrity as simply the way it is.
Action: Make a list of 20 things necessary for you and your business to be excellent and develop a plan of execution.

R is for Resilience: Jack Nicklaus once said that he only hit about three really good shots in an average round. His greatness arose from his ability to be resilient and overcome challenges. A business leader must be resilient and overcome challenges as well. Approaching our next “shot” with confidence, courage and persistency regardless of our last “shot” will lead to greatness.
Action: Identify at least three “shots” your business has taken that failed recently. Think about why they failed and make corrections before your next “shot”.

So regardless of your love for the game of golf, take action immediately to implement these ideas and enjoy the rewards of becoming the best “GOLFER” in your industry.

Author's Bio: 

Breitenbach is a licensed, certified FocalPoint business coach and owner of FocalPoint Coaching Excellence, a franchise of FocalPoint International, the world’s only business coaching organization that uses the proprietary systems of Brian Tracy, renowned author, speaker and business performance expert. Breitenbach combines 20 years of his personal business experience that includes leadership positions at large, Fortune 500 companies, as well as mid-sized, privately owned companies with the proven systems of Brian Tracy. From roles such as the Marketing Director of a multi-billion dollar insurer to Director of Sales and Marketing at a privately held finance company, Breitenbach learned sales, marketing, and operations from the ground up and quickly became a key executive in turning around poorly performing groups, teams and organizations. His skills in coaching and mentoring business professionals are critical in helping him work one-on-one with business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs to help them define, execute, and achieve the results they desire.