Mediation clears your mind an enables you to release the negative energy that comes when dealing with the physical world. Meditation relaxes the mind, body, and spirit. Daily meditation is essential to maintaining good health both inside and out.

Meditation can last any length of time and can be done just about anywhere. You can use meditation to fit into your every day routine.

The Basic Steps to Meditation

Find a quiet place to meditate. It can be in your room, in your backyard, in your closet, at work, or near the beach. It can take a few minutes or even hours. Meditation can be done also during your spare time.

Close your eyes and clear you mind. Think peaceful thoughts. Imagine that you hear the gentle waves of the ocean and that you are on the beach. Just clear your mind and think of peaceful thoughts.

Take deep breaths. Breathe in and out (inhale an exhale). Do this for about 10 minutes.

Relax you hands in your lap.

Now release your stress and negative energy that you may be feeling. Release whatever source that is clouding your mind. If your job or bills are stressing you, then release it and let it go. Put everything in God’s hand. There are some things that are beyond our control and instead of stressing yourself release it and clear your mind. Think about the things that make you happy. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and believe that everything will be all right. You must put your faith back on God and not on your ego or your perception of the physical world.

Focus on your purpose and remind yourself of what you are put here to do.

Now open your eyes.

Meditation is a very simple exercise you can do any time and is quite effective. It helps to clear your mind and releases stress. Meditation is what we should do several times each day. If you are working a stressful job or facing some serious issues, this exercise is the key element that is missing in many people lives. When you go a long time with out releasing negative energy it builds up and can cause health problems such as heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Meditation exercises are a great way to end your day. If you had a hard day at work then try meditating for a few minutes; this allows you to clear your mind and release your stress. Meditation helps you to focus on your family life and brings in love. Releasing negative energy enables you to rejuvenate and bring love into your house hold.

This is an excerpt from Kimberly Ware’s book Heal My Wings Oh Lord: A Healing Guide for Women.

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Kimberly Ware is also a sought after speaker and the author of the Purpose Lies Within books series and the book “Heal My Wings Oh Lord: A Spiritual Healing Guide for Women”. You contact Kimberly Ware at Her website address is