(This is Part 1 of a series of articles by the author on Finding and Following Your Life Purpose and Passion).

We all have a definite purpose in our lives, a key part of which is living a life of joy and abundance. It’s also about doing what we love to do and fulfilling our highest natural potential.

Some call it ‘career’, some call it ‘vocation’, others call it following your ‘calling’ – doing something that you’re perfectly naturally suited to do, and fulfilling your life purpose in being here.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying – ‘Do What You Love and the Success Will Follow’. I can hear you saying – yeah well, its not always that easy! Yes, sure, I agree – it’s not always that easy. But why not? This is a complex question. Let’s explore this a bit further in this posting –

Some people find their way easily and naturally early in their lives and live a passionate life on purpose. Others find their way and make changes years later, or in mid life. Yet the majority struggle and never do ...

So, why does this elude so many people who think they’re on the right track, in a good ‘job’, earn reasonable money, sometimes even great $s, yet still something is lacking, still they’re not happy or fulfilled, still there’s a yearning for something else, something more?

They wonder if there's any purpose or meaning in their life. They find themselves just existing from day-to-day, operating on autopilot, or by default, dreading getting out of bed in the morning, and trudging and dragging their way to their 9-5 job ('job' = 'just over broke'), or these days more likely to be an 8-8 job ...

Many know they’re stuck in the wrong career or in an unfulfilling job, and say they will get around to fixing and changing that some day, when the time is right, when they get a chance …

Yes, for many, ‘Life gets in the way’ ... The mortgage and bills have to be paid, family to take care of, school fees, other life responsibilities, climbing the corporate ladder as society expects … and so it goes on ... and life goes by ...

Yes it’s a complex issue ...

OK, so - How can you achieve a Life that you love and enjoy by doing what you love to do? How can you do this?

It takes major soul searching and the courage, and the ‘guts’ to give it a go ....

For the next few minutes – set aside some time for yourself to explore the following questions below. For that time, answer honestly from your heart ... Put aside any limiting thoughts ... Think big ... Indulge yourself ... Don’t edit or sensor yourself ... Most importantly, have fun with this exercise. And, write down your thoughts - grab a piece of paper, or jot on your computer.

Ask yourself –

* What do I really love doing?

* What are my hobbies? (not always the same thing as previous question, so differentiate them)

* What are my ‘big picture’ dreams and goals that I have and would love to achieve?

* What would I really like to do if you absolutely knew you would not fail?

* Take this a step further, if money wasn’t an issue at all, what would I do or like to achieve?

Consider some more questions -

* What do you think about when you get a private moment to yourself?

* Have you ever fantasized or wished you could spend more time at your hobby than at your job?

* What dreams did you have in childhood? Have you lost touch with or forgotten dreams and goals you had in childhood or earlier in your life? What are they?

* What interests, desires or passions do you have that you keep inside and do not tell others?

* Have you dreamt about ‘working for yourself’, starting your own business, perhaps home business?

* Have you actually tried setting up a business or home business before and failed?

* What things do you do really well and give away to friends – perhaps gourmet goodies, paintings, arts and crafts, floral arrangements, pet treats, plant cuttings or propagation, woodwork items, other hobby items …

The answers to these questions will give you the clues to your passions, or the career or business for you to consider pursuing –

If you’re passionate enough, love it enough, are fuelled enough, and have a raging ‘fire in your belly’ enough … You’ll find a way to DO IT … That’s what it takes …

Find your LOVE and PASSION and pursue it and you will find success. Yes, it will be difficult starting out. That’s the way it is in any business. Let me ask you - do you know of any business that hasn’t taken time, commitment and perserverance to build? It doesn’t happen overnight. (Please avoid getting hooked into ‘get rich quick’ biz opp schemes – most of them are just scams).

If your business is also your passion, YOU WILL find a way to do it, and YOU WILL make it through and won't quit when the going gets tough, because you LOVE it. Once you make up your mind that it’s what you want to do, then JUST GO and DO IT! …

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