BRAIN POWER Our Genie to Success
Article By Michele Blood

Hello my friend,
Over the last few years, there has been an explosion of Revolutionary Neuroscience Research discoveries that at last are proving scientifically what us metaphysicians (positive thinking teachers) have been teaching for ...BRAIN POWER Our Genie to Success
Article By Michele Blood

Hello my friend,
Over the last few years, there has been an explosion of Revolutionary Neuroscience Research discoveries that at last are proving scientifically what us metaphysicians (positive thinking teachers) have been teaching for years. 98% of everything Scientists know about the brain has only been discovered since 1996. 80% of what they thought was true about the brain before 1995, has now been found to be false. WOW!! Isn’t that amazing.
I am just so very excited about this new information about the brain. Nearly all of the medical brain research findings have fantastic proven results that prove that motivational tools and techniques to reprogram the mind to Success and achievement, DO in fact work!!! How cool is that?? VERY COOL! This way you can KNOW that all of the techniques you have been learning throughout your life on positive thinking and motivation are teaching you to achieve a VERY successful, happy life in this amazing and magical world of life DOES in fact work.
Whether you believe it or not it will still work IF YOU TAKE the positive action steps you can learn through my own Be A Magnet To Success DVD System (see and what other authors/coaches teach you, you will become literally irresistible to the success you desire. You know I desire with ALL of my heart and BRAIN J for you to have a successful healthy life and THEN you my friend will be on purpose and will be able to bring even more good positive input into your chosen career.
Read what one of the leading research neuroscientists in the world, Dr Richard Restak, has to say in his book, The New Brain (Rodale Press, 2003)
"Brain Science is now capable of providing us with insight into the human brain that only a few years ago would have been considered the stuff of science fiction. An exciting consequence of this research is that by following certain brain-based guidelines, anyone can achieve expert performance in sports, any career, business, or academic pursuits. Such findings of course run counter to the old traditional theory that winners are born not made. This is not so. Instead, it is now clear that by learning about and applying this new research, most of us can reasonably expect greatly enhanced personal levels of achievement."
Isn’t this marvelous? Yes indeedy it is! You see my friend, it does not matter if you have talent, experience etc (although of course this doesn’t hurt, J) it just matters that YOU WANT IT!! Then you can achieve it by following all of our visualization methods, positive songs EVERYTHING you can to fill your mind with over flowing good thoughts of WHAT YOU DO WANT. You my friend CAN be a winner. You see you are not in a race; you are winner, when you get what you want!!
Have you ever heard anyone say, “Oh, I can’t help it! It’s just the way I am!” or “I’ll never become a star or get that part, I should quit now etc or I’ll never lose any weight.” NEXT all of that rubbishy talk NOW!!! Scientific advances are now being made in learning how the brain works, no one is ever going to be able to use any of these old negative self talk excuses again and that includes YOU my friend!
If you give up on your dream now you WILL not live a full life that your powerful spirit bravely came down to earth for you to learn and enjoy and then you will have to come back and do it all over again! So instead of that simply remember that you could be just 5 minutes away from having your dreams come true.
Now these 5 minutes could be 10 minutes or even 10 months for others however if you follow through and USE these powerful mind techniques you will find things shifting. For some this will be less obvious and for others it will be blindingly obvious. Now an important note here, Once we begin to shift our way of thinking it could seem that you go through a short period of when things appear to be going terribly wrong (although not all experience this!) so PLEASE do not lose faith during these times as this is simply the Universe releasing stuff that no longer supports your new visions. (Including old ways of thinking) Things will turn around quickly if you will just hang in there. So allow this experience to NOT scare you off, IF you have this happen to you. If you still intend being here on Mother Earth you may as well be here bravely moving forward towards your dreams. Continue and you WILL WIN!! And have a beautiful happy fulfilling Life.
There were lots of theories going around in the past about positive thinking, affirmations etc, however until the development since 1996s of the computer enhanced scan and imagery techniques and equipment such as functional MRI scans and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) imagery equipment; very few theories were proven as facts! NOW they are!! Now, scientists at the University of California and other institutes have been able to take a look at some very dramatic, pictures by looking at a scan of a slice of a normally functioning “live” human brain that is the thickness of less than 1/100,000th of a human hair! Never before could scientists ‘see’ so well how our brain functions!
What these scientists have recently learned, during a process called Brain Plasticity, is that brain cells (neurons) are constantly making structural changes in the brain, forming NEW synaptic connections with other neurons, and NEW neuron pathway patterns at the very same time that we are learning, or thinking or forming a NEW memory! (Like for example learning your lines J)What this means is that your brain is CONSTANTLY CHANGING! The fantastic news for all of us is that we can have great drastic positive changes if we can simply create new positive thoughts and grow more neuron pathways and DSP’s!
For many years, psychologists, scientists and authors have written about and recommended what used to be called autosuggestion, affirmations, self-talk, or incantations. But it was not KNOWN or proven until just recently that this technique does work, why it works and how it works! Brain-science research now has verified that indeed this process does work! All of our MusiVation ™ songs and the visualization techniques can help you to ENORMOUSLY and PROFOUNDLY expand your belief in the capacity of your brain for SUCCESS! Plus you will be a much happier more positive person and everyone wants to work with happy genuinely loving people. Your attitude will be so dramatically changed that even YOU will not recognize who you are anymore. Now that is COOL!! You will be bringing out into your personality the REAL you that has been hiding. The confident, successful beautiful you that I know you really are!!
No one was born with low self-esteem, our life experiences and others experiences, including the negative media have simply have taught us this negative self-talk. (Or some call it baggage) So let us all release this old baggage and LIGHTEN UP from the inside out. Now you can revert back to who you REALLY are. And you my friend are AMAZING!
It used to be believed that geniuses were born with more brain cells than the rest of us. This is now known to be false! Each of us is born with the same number of brain cells! (Oh just a few ONLY About 100 billion!) It used to be believed that your brain was “hard-wired” when you were born; that you are a product of your genetics alone, and therefore champions and successful famous stars are born not made. Not true! Your brain is constantly growing NEW connections and NEW neuron patterns, every second of every minute of every day of your life! This means that your capacity is almost limitless! You are today a different person than you were yesterday! You are not the same today as you will be tomorrow!
You are constantly capable of CHANGE! Your brain’s neuron patterns and connections are moving and changing with every thought, learning task, or memory that you experience! The total number and capacity of new connections, and new skills and learning neuron patterns that EACH of our individual brains can form, is the number 1 followed by 6.2 million miles of zeros! No human being has ever been known, (Einstein included,) to use more than 1% of this capacity! Phew!! WHO KNEW!!
What type of NEW neuron connections are you making? Are they positive possibility thoughts and memories? Or are they negative, “That’s the way I am” connections! Your brain-capacity for success is limitless! And it all starts in that little 3-pound thing, we call our brain. Your brain will “process” information (the “what”) and form new Dendrite Spiny Protuberances (DSP’s) via repetition, association, and emotions.
Water and writers block!
You probably already know that water is important for your body to function properly. But do you really know how vitally important it is? You've seen marathon runner’s collapse halfway through the race due to dehydration because they didn't drink at the first water posts because they weren't thirsty at the time. And maybe you concluded that since you are not a professional top athlete water isn't that essential for your performance and general health. But that is false information. YOU must drink lots of water.

And maybe you've heard that we can live without food for a very long time, but will succumb because of lack of fluids and brushed this information off because you may have though the likelihood of you ending up in the desert without food and water is miniscule. But we must to pay more attention to water. You know, when we think we have writers block or are finding it a challenge to remember our lines … well my friend it could simply mean that our brain is not functioning correctly because it is simply not hydrated enough. So when we have creative work to do we MUST DRINK WATER J.
Your brain which only makes up 1% to 2% of your body weight use over 30% of your water-intake, so it's no surprise that even small water deficits has a crucial impact on your brain. And a poor brain performance has a direct impact on how much new stuff that you can learn and how well you remember it. And remember that less water will reach your brain since 45% of the water in your body travels in your blood vessels and if your blood pressure goes down, so goes the flow of water in your body.

Your concentration can drop as much as 10% and just 5% dehydration will drop the performance of your brain severely, that's severely as in a 50%+ drop. And don't count on thirst to be a reliable indicator of when you should drink your next glass of water because by the time you are thirsty it's already too late, you are 2% dehydrated and your performance has already dropped 10%.

You see, DSP's or Dendrite Spiny Protrusions or Protuberances grow in our brain when we learn, or as we learn, it is vital to learn new stuff and in vital in our creative writing process and to keep our memory healthy. And contrary to common belief and scientific truths just a decade ago the ability to learn has nothing to do with the number of brain cells, but with the number of DSP's you generate. So even if your brain cells wither and die it won't affect your ability to learn as long as you give your
DSP's the best growing conditions - water and nutrients.
How many of you are worried about gradually losing your memory? Well first of all, you need to remember to stop worrying about those things you can't control! But you CAN control or even improve your memory!
Losing your memory seems to be the great terror of our age. We are constantly assessing the fitness of our memory, but one of the great positives about this is that if you take steps to improve your memory, it can be a shortcut to an even more tempting goal: improving your intelligence! Yes we can become smarter!! And it in this area that research is just starting to jump in and find some great results and ideas that can be again applied outside the medical field into the self-motivation and achievement field.
The most important finding from the research is that memory is effected by the usage levels of our neuron patterns. In other words, if we, as we get older, use certain neuron connections and patterns less and less, those patterns literally atrophy, and it is much more difficult for nerve impulses (thoughts) to go down those pathways. This is a problem that is absolutely easily remedied! The old adage, "Use it or lose it!" vital for you. As we get older, we become more consistent in our daily lives, with certain patterns of activity developing. We drive along the same routes and stuck in the same rut day after day, with the same activities. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Foolish consistency is the is the hobgoblin for a wasted life." This is bad for the brain! And remember Emerson said “Foolish Consistency,” which to me means doing the same things we have always done and then expecting things in our lives to change!
It is like trying to be a world-class wrestler like our good mate Rock was and by only exercising your left arm and nothing more. It doesn't work. What can we you do about it? Get out of our so-called rut. Drive a different way every day. Read different magazines, take new trips, and try new things. And above all, exercise ALL of your brain. Begin to REALLY listen when others are speaking. STOP yourself from immediately cutting in with YOUR stuff. Listen and you will learn and grow more DSP’s. And please do not waste your life.
Today is a beautiful Sunday and people are out and about enjoying the sunshine. I am here in my office writing this article about Brain Power as this is not only helping me grow new DSP’s it is also helping you. It IS important to enjoy our lives of course however lets not waste our precious time doing the same old stuff over and over again. And believe me I am in heaven writing this now. I am ENJOYING my day immensely.
Let us all now get out of our old thinking boxes. Let us ALL Learn about NEW things. Another thing that we can do is get smarter that our brain! As we get older our brain tries to outsmart us. It is a biological fact that the brain cannot store energy. It constantly needs to replenish its energy after it performs a given function. When we get a great idea or new thought from the universe, it is first placed into short-term memory. Unless this thought or idea is then taken by us and put into long-term memory, the idea will disappear or dissipate within 30 seconds to 12 minutes. So it is vital that we use artificial methods to take down these new thoughts. Write it down or do what I do and carry a small tape recorder with you wherever you go. Later I put these ideas into a tape folder and then catalog them. When I do have time to write a new song or book chapter etc I go to my tape file and have them transcribed.
It has been said that ALL of us, each year, have about four great new ideas, that if we acted upon any one of them with persistence, that idea could make us millions of dollars! I am sure there MUST have been a time when saw a new product or business or book and you said to yourself, “Oh my Gosh I had that idea. Someone has stolen MY idea.” Well my friend YOU did not take action on an idea that probably quite a few others were given from the Universe on that same day. So get all of these new ideas down before your shot term memory loses them forever. I really think that these new ideas are floating around in space and a few of us take in these ideas at the same time however it is the individual THAT takes action first, who deserves the success!
Now back to some more brain power facts………….

New brain-research confirms that the repetition of statements over and over forms new neural pathways (neurodes), that can subsequently fire as a "belief", and that when this neural "belief" pattern fires, it will trigger new activity or actions on the part of the individual, directly in line and consistent with this new belief! This was written about by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich,” Norman Vincent Peale in his book, “The Power Of Positive Thinking” and Claude M Bristol in his book, "The Magic of Believing” and these authors were all writing about this back in the 1920’s, 30's and 40’s.

It’s so wonderful to know that the things we’re speaking about today as far as the metaphysical, and remember “Meta” just means beyond or above the physical. Which means whenever you are thinking, you are being metaphysical. It’s as simple as that, it’s not woo woo stuff.

Now, let’s have a look at some of these statistics. We have 100 billion brain cells. WOW!! Now, the brain is stimulated, no matter what our age, when we begin to thing about something new or when we start to create new thoughts. When we start to learn something new, the brain is stimulated and it begins to form “Dendrite Spiny Protrusions”, which we will call “DSPs.”

An individual may have just learned a new language or just become emotionally excited about something new and they are starting to think. They are thinking of something NEW (ideas and thoughts not presently in their old subconscious list or memories) they are thinking, so DSPs are being formed. When you are emotional or excited, even if you are pretending to be excited and at the same time learning something new it is a powerful combination and it has been proven that DSPs will then be formed irrespective of what our present age. (Note for more intense success information about this I suggest you go to my website

You know even if we are just acting happy and emotional and not really feeling it..... It STILL works. So, act as if and you will become. This is extremely important to know. Even if you are just pretending and you start saying out loud, “Whoa! I’m excited. I’m really excited.” Even if there are doubts and fears lying underneath, you will still get new DSPs growing in your brain. So keep doing that for all of your life so your brain stays stimulated. Let’s repeat this about being emotionally excited, even if you’re pretending. You can absolutely get this information instantly into your long-term memory as well, which is also extremely important.

Now something else that is absolutely phenomenal that they’ve found out recently is that we have 6 levels of thinking. But did you know that only 1/6 of those six levels is the conscious mind. Where we think we’re thinking all the time and it is only 1/6 of it, the other 5/6 of our thinking is all done in the subconscious, which is where we are creating our belief systems. That is why the information you are learning about your own conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and how to change the thinking patterns is vital. 5/6 of your thinking is done at the other levels and it’s going to create for you stuff anyway even if you don’t consciously choose it so PLEASE think about what YOU DO WANT and create a great life and new positive belief systems.

Remember our past is not a precedent for our future!! I too have to constantly remind myself of this. If someone in your past did something you do not like it DOES not mean that others will also do the same. We HAVE to learn to trust again and to be our VERY best with each and every new audition or life experience. We have to GET over the past sad or negative experiences in order to create a new happy successful life experiences.

So, isn’t THIS ALL EXCITING ? I love neuroscience because it’s proven that even our doubts and fears cannot stop our success. We can even pretend our way to success. Cary Grant said, “I pretended to be Cary Grant for so long I ended up becoming Cary Grant.”

Note: For more information on the new discoveries of the brain go to and also I HIGHLY recommend you invest in yourself by getting an amazing course on CDS by an amazing fellow I have had the honor to meet Doug Bench at He IS amazing and the way he teaches through his INTENSIVE studies of the brain is fun and very easy to understand. Doug’s products are the most entertaining when it comes to the topic of our amazing brain. Everyone thing else I have studied about the brain although interesting has been a very laborious study. Doug makes the brain FUN! I am all about us having fun while we learn as then we take much more of the information into out long-term memories as there is the emotion of joy involved. SO even FUN is in FACT important in helping us learn. AGAIN how cool is that J!

1. Breaking News:
a. Neuroscientists are experimenting with a chip placed in the brain that can act and function similarly to the human hippocampus! Since your brain's hippocampus plays a very active role in memory, focus, and attention, this could become a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of memory loss. Stay tuned! We will keep you informed.
b. There also is current research being done (as reported in the August 8, 2003 issue of Science) that indicates a possible breakthrough in the treatment of depression which may very well be as simple as the creation of new brain cells (neurogenesis) through a regimen of mental exercises. Stay tuned! We will keep you informed.
c. New brain-research confirms that the repetition of statements over and over forms new neural pathways (neurodes), that can subsequently fire as a "belief", and that when this neural "belief" pattern fires, it will trigger new activity or actions on the part of the individual, directly in line and consistent with this new belief! WOW! WHO DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW THIS!

That’s it! Now my friend…. go ahead and use your brain power and BE HAPPY!

Love, HUGS and HUGE Success

Michele Blood xxx
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