Ensuring against degenerating health and disease requires learning how the body uses all known essential nutrients, and what each nutrient’s role is in concert with the others. Abundant natural energy, creativity, courage, a secure sense of inner strength, calm, and self-esteem are only a few of the qualities that are derived as the result of applying nutritional knowledge correctly.

Unfortunately, nutrition is grossly underestimated, misused, misinterpreted, and its facts distorted. However, with the correct knowledge, you can attain lifelong, superior health, because healing your body and building extraordinary health is already built into how you were designed. You are perfectly able to heal a deteriorating health condition and protect yourself against debilitating disease. You can prevent and reverse abnormal rapid aging. You are also capable of healing not only your physical body, but your past traumas. You can improve mental clarity and brain functioning, and calm your emotions. Everything you need to be the best possible version of yourself is already programmed in each of your trillions of innately intelligent cells. It’s not necessarily any technique you must learn, or following any guru’s philosophy, although practicing them can benefit you. It’s built into your design. You can alter how you handle and perceive stress, and overcome perceived obstacles. It’s programmed into your DNA; you only have to activate it by bringing your physical body into a state of efficient detoxification, correct hydration, and biochemical balance with an optimally functioning body. Only one modality can do this for you and keep you there, and that is complete and correct nutrition. These are heavily weighted words, not to be taken lightly, nor ever taken for granted, or worse, dismissed. While everyone else is scrambling hit and miss for solutions to health issues and trying out various diets and inferior nutritional supplements, the Complete and Correct Nutrition Protocol System™© provides everything you’ll need to reach your highest possible state of health.

The state of true health means a perfect balance in body, mind, emotions and spirit. It begins with providing complete and correct nourishment for every single one of your trillions of cells that constantly interact and communicate with one another. This occurs every single micro-second of your life while these cells attempt to bring your entire being into the best possible health, using the raw materials that happen to be available at any given moment. True health also means nourishing your body at the micro-level, where molecular biochemical reactions take place and real energy exchange at the atomic level occurs.

Your amazing body, no matter what you give it, and under any environment to which you expose it, will try to exist in the most healthful state possible. Even with years of nutritional abuse, exposed to a toxic environment, or under emotional stress or psychological duress, your body is innately programmed to constantly do its best, under any circumstances, to continually repair and renew all body systems: bone, cartilage, and blood; organs, circulatory and glandular systems; brain and nervous system, to balance hormones, eliminate pathogenic organisms, and cleanse and detoxify foreign materials through the five eliminative organs: lungs, skin, kidneys, lymph system, and colon. Your body will immediately process, reject, absorb or utilize in the best way possible anything you give it, even if it’s a toxic or foreign substance that is difficult to eliminate, such as drugs, heavy metals or synthetic chemicals. With so many incompatible substances to which your body is exposed, however, it becomes increasingly difficult for your body to do its job of keeping you at your optimally functioning level. If you do not provide complete and correct nutrition for your body on a daily basis, it will deplete its own resources by consuming itself to satisfy its own growth and repair needs, thereby, over time, will continue to deplete itself further and further. If it continues to be deficient in any nutrient, it has to abandon certain essential metabolic activities. The less nutrients your body has to work with over a period of time, it eventually succumbs to the final and ultimate system breakdown of premature death. It is my mission in life to help you prevent the unnecessary pain and suffering and its accompanying emotional and spiritual devastation by showing you how to prevent it.

The complex chemical reactions that constantly occur in your trillions of cells every single microsecond of every day of your life are yet to be fully understood, even with today’s vast scientific knowledge. However, after three decades of research, study, and experience in practice and practical application, the Complete and Correct Nutrition Protocol System™© evolved and has emerged as a proven, powerful and unique system that goes beyond nourishment. Based on at least seventy years of university studies throughout the world, and integrating the ancient art of nutritional healing, the Complete and Correct Nutrition Protocol System™© has produced astounding results, revealing the innate intelligence of the body’s ability to heal itself when given the correct raw materials. Complete and correct nourishment also outperforms virtually every other health modality because it provides the full spectrum of substances of which your cells are composed. No other modality, nutrition or otherwise, offers this.

All body systems are addressed with this system. They are regulated and brought into the proper balance automatically simply by choosing foods and supplements from eleven different categories, each serving its own unique purpose, contributing to the synergistic whole. The more people who have implemented the Complete and Correct Nutrition Protocol System™©, the more I have come to understand the root causes of degenerative disease and chronic illness. Why healing occurs from a great variety of health conditions becomes obvious with this system—when you nourish the body completely and correctly, it immediately goes to work and heals itself. This is a shocking revelation to most people, which is a sad comment on how much we have fallen short educating our populace about safe and truly effective self-care. It makes sense that when you replenish your active cells with the very substances they are made of, they are then able to function optimally instead of deteriorating. This is why, after almost thirty years of research, study and actual application, I developed the Complete and Correct Nutrition Protocol System™©, to simplify the monumental task of separating the true, time-proven facts about how to care for the human body from the onslaught of misinformation and advertising hype. Linus Pauling, the famous winner of two unshared Nobel Peace Prizes and who invented a whole new exciting field of science, orthomolecular biology, the study of nutrient interactions upon the body, asserted that 99% of all diseases are the result of nutrient deficiencies!

Given the extremely intricate complexity of your divine design, the Complete and Correct Nutrition Protocol System™© simplifies the science of nutrition, and is distinguished entirely apart from all other food choice systems and dietary plans, for they are mere fragments of this powerful and purposeful system that goes beyond ordinary nutrition. Overlapping into the realm of bio-energy healing, the energy-active foods and nutritional supplements in this system has transformed devastated, frightened and desperate individuals from a state of sickness, weakness, and degenerating health to those who have become healed from their conditions and transformed into vibrantly healthy and strong human beings, eagerly anticipating a life to which they looked forward to improving. Hipocrates was right on the mark when he proclaimed that food should be our medicine, and medicine should be the very foods we eat.
When complete and correct nourishment is accomplished at the micro-level, you naturally arrive at a state of inner strength, peace, and calm, in perfect alignment with the energy flow of nature. When your entire being is pulsating to the tune of the Earth and the Universe, it opens the way for designing a truly meaningful life—to manifest the best of your dreams with fortitude, courage, enthusiasm, excitement, joy and love while being in the best possible whole health.

Mary Esther Miranda Gilbert, MS, HHPN, RHP
Holistic Choices
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Ms. Miranda-Gilbert presents educational seminars, wellness classes, and workshops on site for members of organizations, corporations, and other groups. She is also available as a guest speaker for organizations looking for a motivational, innovative speaker with a powerful, life-changing message. Contact her office to schedule her for your next event.

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Author's Bio: 

Fifty-three years young and vibrant Mary Esther Miranda-Gilbert is located in Fairfield, California. She has researched and developed nutritional healing protocols that support over eighty chronic conditions and diseases, as well as protocols for injury/surgery rehab, fitness, life-long weight control and image-conscious clients.

With over twenty-nine years experience in private practice, her protocols teach clients how to choose foods, healing botanicals and supplements to restore health, prevent pre-mature aging, and manage and protect their health effectively.

She was a private fitness trainer and diet counselor beginning in 1979, and received her Professional Nutritionist Certificate from the Nutritionists Institute of America in 1985 while employed. While raising her two young children, she attended Long Beach Cal State University as a Clinical Dietetics major, then moved to Northern California with her family. She graduated with high honors from Clayton College of Natural Health with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition in 1996, and a Master of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition in 1998. She is currently working toward her PhD to further her goals as an educator, author and speaker in the exciting field of Nutritional Healing.

Ms. Miranda-Gilbert has developed the world’s most effective nutritional healing and food choice systems: the unprecedented Complete and Correct Nutrition Protocol System™, which includes the cross-cultural Eleven Food Choice Category System™, and the Food Tracker Meal Planning System™. These systems address any individual’s health needs by providing the complete range of every known essential nutrient and absorbability for building the best health possible.