Attracting money is quite possibly the most common desire amongst deliberate creators. And yet, for the majority of people it is the most difficult thing to do!

Bob Proctor says that money is the easiest thing to make! I know a lot of people who would disagree with that statement, but is he right?

The universe really doesn’t care what you’re manifesting or how much of something you want, it simply responds to your thoughts. So, I would agree partially with Bob that money can be just as easy to manifest as a cup of coffee, but I also believe that money is the subject that a lot of people have deeply rooted beliefs about.

One of the first things you must start doing if you are serious about manifesting more money is to let go of needing money so badly. In other words, stop trying to make something happen! Worrying about the bills will not help you, letting go will.

If you really are desperate for more money, then I encourage you to start thinking in a more positive outlook. For example, you could say to yourself:

It doesn’t matter if my bills get paid or not, it’s not a life threatening situation
No one ever goes to jail for not having enough money
I’ve never missed a monthly payment before and so I’m not going to this month either

Start saying things that make you feel better about money. Start to adopt a better relationship with money by gently finding thoughts that feel just a little better.

In all honesty, the best prescription that I have found to take your mind off of money troubles is to start feeling good. Make it your intention that you are going to feel good no matter what anyone says to you, no matter what anyone else does, no matter what happens in the world. You’re going to feel good, you’re going to feel good, and you’re going to feel good!

Grab a notebook and start to write down all of the positive aspects about someone who you love, or some place that you really like to visit. Sit in your favourite chair for 30 minutes and just dream about how you want your life to be. Go for a walk and appreciate nature. Curl up next to a soft fire with a really good book and enjoy a little ‘me’ time. Do anything that you possibly can to feel good. This IS your work!

Your work ISN’T to find another source of income
Your work ISN’T to take on double shifts at work
Your work ISN’T to make something happen

But your work IS to feel good.

If you start to visualize about your money situation and how you would like it to be, you’ll find that your deeply rooted beliefs about money quickly come to surface and start telling you things like…

* Yeah! You WISH you had that much money

* You’re not one of the lucky ones

* What makes you so special all of a sudden?

So your visualization is canceled out because of the negative self-talk. Not something you want to spend time doing!

Instead, take your mind off of the subject all together and spend every waking moment experiencing joy. Remember, you do get to pick the thoughts you choose. No matter how random they may appear to you, you have put them there and you can change them.

I invite you to practice feeling good every day for 30 days consecutively and then re-asses your money situation. If you’ve been taking your attention well away from money and feeling good then I guarantee you prosperity in abundance will be all around you!

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