It is my particular observation, especially of those who are determined to achieve the ultimate goal of mastering the new theologian like means of attraction and its law that a serious deficit of misunderstandings and missed understanding of thoughtful and deliberate analytical insight.

Where it is now more widely accepted than in previous time, manifestation using the law of attraction has in its success brought enlightenment to a known technique of managing ones desires, wants and aspirations. As many have explained: the law of attraction says energy flows where intention goes; believe it and feel it and it will be manifested.

The misunderstanding lies in the belief, for, as you believe ~ it will be. The missed understanding is in the intention as to its meaning and practice. The deficit is found in the lack of attention and focus.

First, if one believes everything is energy, then it is to harness or reel in the desired energy at will. Consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously and super-consciously, it is all a series of pulling and pushing at will, that what you desire.

Whether you want to harness or repel a specific energy, thought, desires, people, things, a simple belief that the energy in whatever form exists is all that is required. The stronger the belief means just simply a strong belief. It does not necessarily need to be; it could very well be disbelief. The fact that a belief exists is all that is required to push or pull the energy that you desire.

Yet, this is just the beginning. Even more importantly is the intention. Intention by definition inherently implies that some sort of action is possibly taken toward an action, idea, belief or disbelief. If there is no action taken the intention is weak; if action is taken then the intention is strong. Your belief still exists and remains despite the intention or action taken towards any goal. The intention still exists as your belief in the intention still exists even if action is taken or not.

Where the deficit that is observed is the links between intention, belief and manifesting those desires. The most important is your attention as attention is likening unto the glue that sticks thins together. It is attention that draws or pulls energy toward you and for you to use as the tool to direct energy of all things.

The universe is very simple and very clear. What you focus your attention on and what your attention is focused on is where intention will automatically go, where your intention goes is where energy flows. Where energy flows is where your attention focuses and what the focus of your attention is where intention goes and energy flows and round and round it goes until the velocity of the energetic process meets the energy of your desires to manifest. This can be an unconscious process of an instant; it could be subconscious process of a moment, it could be a very long time consciously where time and space dictates and it could be a process of super conscious where only the desired intention manifest for the betterment of oneself and all ~ the whole universe.

Like a never ending circle revolving for some, a straight line for others with a beginning and an end or an infinity helix that evolves continuously endlessly for the betterment of one kind, the process in its entirety is the same for all.

To illustrate, the desire for abundance and prosperity is all the rage in commercializing the universal laws to that end. So let us use money as the desire to manifest at this moment.

Money being the object of desire is automatically what your attention is focused on even as you read this sentence. But what is your attention on and where are you focusing your attention. Is it the things that money can get you – if it is, then your attention and your intention is directed not at what you think your desire but what you truly desire, the object that the money will get for you. Still you are focusing your attention on money.

Is your attention focused on the lack of money and what you don’t have as a result, then you’re energy is pulling the energy of where your attention is focused – the lack of money, moreover the consequence of lack. Is your attention focused on harnessing more money, then more money it will be. Whether you desire it or not, your attention and the focus of your attention will draw that energy towards you. Automatically almost instantaneously intention follows. The energy of attention pulls intention to get your awareness of the desire that you want to manifest. The energy of intention draws more energy to fuel the intention’s desire to be manifested or come to reality.

Where missed understanding occurs is when nothing is happening. Rule of the Universe – there is always something happening. What is happening is when your attention is focused on intention and where your center of attention is on intention, it is only the energy of possibilities where energy placed on attention and intention circulate until a decision of action, even non action, draws more energy to fuel the intention and desired manifestation ~basically, a wish. Be not discouraged; wishes do come true. When you decide it will come to you – ultimately an action.

Let us concrete the idea of the energy of intention or energy pulling and pushing more energy to fuel the desire. This energy may be in a form of an inspiration or thought that suddenly or subtly occurs to you for an action to be somewhere, to call someone, to do something with or without reason and circumstance. It is all drawn to you so that all variety and various possibilities are presented to you as opportunities to manifest the desire. You just have to decide to follow or not, accept or decline the opportunity. In many, if not all cases, this will seem innocuous and uneventful but still guiding you to what you want to make a reality. It is known in some circles to be defined as your intuition working for you whether you are aware of it or not, and whether you believe in it or not.

This prescribed process is often if not always for most people without awareness, with little or no effort and without extensive knowledge of any specific study in metaphysics, quantum physics, new aged study of enlightenment. Consider it as a technique, a tool or a means for your convenience in getting and attraction of the opportunities to fulfill your desire. Consequently, your actions or non-actions will dictate the energy being drawn to you.

To recap, what you focus your attention and where your attention is focused is where your intention follows instantly. At that very moment you decide what is the intention; do you want to create, observe, absorb or any variety of experience. Energy flows to your intentions and may form ideas, thought, inspirations that lead and guide you to more opportunities for you to accept or reject to fulfill the manifestation of that goal or desire in to reality.

Some will feel this process in their body, like butterflies in your stomach, a headache, a reaction in the chest. Some will experience an awareness through thoughts in the mind. Others may have an indication through hearing and pick up clues or keys through the words, something like emphasized words related to the particular desire or goal in this process. Some other indicators are experienced in the heart center, resulting in emotional reactions such as happy, sad, anger, anxiety, and anticipated feelings of various experiences. Any of the senses will guide you and if you practice focused attention like meditation, yoga, athletics and sports and even some type of art form, the same practice will apply in manifesting through attraction and aid in making it easier for you to become more aware of yourself, others and your environment including your circumstances.

My question to you now is what are you focusing your attention on and where is your attention focused. What is your intention and what do you need to do, create or the circumstances for your desired manifestation to become a reality. Ask not how but what. The rest will take care of itself.

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Intuitive Counselor, Sandy has surrendered to her higher calling and has been propelled to share her gifts with others in hopes to inspire transformations in the lives of others so that they may discover their own true purpose and mission for the betterment of all. For More Information check