So what is all of the attraction to the law of attraction? Does it work? Can you really learn to manifest? You already are! But do you want what you are attracting?

My first year in business I used to run into one of my building neighbors in the hallway or in the deli downstairs. This particular gentleman was a psychologist. After a while I began to avoid him as he was the picture of doom and gloom.

When asked how things were going for him he would shuffle his feet and looking down say in a flat monotone voice, “It’s terrible, just terrible. What with managed care taking over and the government taking their share a poor bloke like me hasn’t got a chance. Before you know it they will run us all out of business. The paperwork is horrendous. Why I barely have time to see clients and the insurance doesn’t want to pay when I do have clients. People can’t afford to pay for my services. “Oh I wish I had more clients.I can hardly afford my rent.“

I don’t doubt the man really wanted more clients but all he seemed to focus on was the lack of clients and lack is exactly what the universe sent him. Do you think all psychologists experienced the same situation? How about Dr. Phil? He seems to be doing rather well doesn’t he? What is he attracting?

Attraction is when you are so focused on the end result that nothing else enters your mind!

The famous tennis player, Andre Aggasi once commented when interviewed; “When I am on the court all I see is that little yellow green tennis ball coming towards me. All I think about is the action of my racket hitting the ball. I do not hear the roar of the crowds or see anyone there.” Tiger Woods father Earl Woods used to comment that Tiger could put himself in a zone.

Both of these men are describing a highly focused state, one that professional athletes have used for years to win competitions and succeed at their profession. This state is really not any different than the one the psychologist created, however the results are vastly different.

So what are you focused on? Did you know that studies have shown humans have some 40,000 random thoughts per day? So what are you thinking about? How can you stay focused on growing your business when you have all of these other thoughts floating around in your head?

The following four steps will help you to improve your focus.

1. Become really clear about what you want.

• A friend of mine who is a Realtor says “Buyers are Liars!” What she means by this is that when someone comes in to look for a house the have a list of what they want, how big, what amenities, etc. 9 out of 10 times she tells me what they buy is not at all what they asked for. They often have to look at a lot of homes to find out what they don’t want before they become clear on what they do want. What are your priorities? Are you chasing after something only to find out that you really don’t want it?

2. Set your intention. Write it out; say it, live by it.

• When my husband and I moved to a small town to begin a new business we intended to enjoy life, have fun and lead a more stress free life. When we realized that we were more stressed and not having fun we knew something had to change. This was not our intention.

3. Eliminate distractions and energy drains

• These could be small things like a computer that is not working properly and needs to be fixed. It could be something larger such as a client you may need to fire. If someone or something is draining your energy you will not be able to stay focused on your dreams.

4. Shift your beliefs

• What do you believe that is no longer working for you? Using Visualization, affirmations and gratitude you can shift those old beliefs!

Working with a professional coach will help you gain the clarity you need to attract what you desire out of life. A coach can help you to stay focused on your goals and your intentions. Follow these steps and create a very attractive business.

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Kathryn Watson is a Business and Life Coach specializing in the Healing Arts Industry. She is the author of Marketing From the Inside/Out available Summer 2008 Visit Inside/Out Marketing Blog at or Get Client Attraction Tips at