Recently I was taking a walk and saw a bumper sticker that caught my eye. It read:

Are You Blissed or Pissed? The Choice is Yours.

Honestly, I couldn’t get that bumper sticker out of my head for days. Not only did I find it humorous but there was a deep message stuck to the back of that old beat- up white pickup truck. Each of us has the choice in every moment to be happy or upset…full of joy or full of anger. We truly can be blissed or pissed off. The message is powerful because people don’t normally even consider their state of being. Most of the time we are just plodding along, doing what we do, completely oblivious to how we are feeling. The question forces you to consider your state of consciousness. The second sentence is equally as meaningful….the choice is yours. Who decides what state you are in? Of course the answer is YOU! You have the option in every moment, regardless of what is going on around you, to choose happiness. Thank goodness this is the way it works! If everything outside of you had to be just right for you to be happy, you’d be in big trouble! Unfortunately, this is how most people (unconsciously) operate. It is no surprise then that most people are not truly happy (let alone living in bliss).

Happiness is an inside job. True happiness can never be found outside of you. Your natural state of being is to be in bliss, and it is only your mind that tricks you into believing things are not perfect as they are. Only your mind can convince you that your life is messed up and that you should be hurt, angry or upset about anything.

So the game this week is to get into bliss and stay there all week long…no matter what. Here’s how we’ll go about it. Pay attention to how you are feeling as often as possible this week. Constantly check in and observe how you are feeling. Notice if you are feeling good or not. Notice if you are blissed or if you are pissed! If you are in bliss, stay there. If you are happy and joyful, stay there. Conversely, if you are upset, hurt, or angry for any reason at all, consider this simple 2-step process:

1) Observe the way you feel. In order words, step outside of yourself and notice how you feel. You will notice that by observing yourself, you immediately regain your consciousness and almost instantly feel better. You many not feel instant bliss, but you should at least be able to neutralize your negative emotions.

2) Simply choose to feel good. Decide to be back in the bliss and joy. Decide to get back in the present moment. You will notice that anytime you are unhappy it is a result of being out of the present moment. Undoubtedly you are either upset about something that already happened or you are worried about what might occur in the future. In the Now…in this very moment…everything is perfect. Close your eyes for just a moment and breathe that thought in. Everything IS perfect. When you are in bliss you realize the truth of these words and the truth of who you are. When you are pissed, you are simply caught up in your head. You are stuck in yesterday or worried about tomorrow.

So your “job” is to constantly observe how you are feeling. Anytime you catch yourself feeling anything other than bliss and happiness, just consciously choose to come back to the present moment. Are you blissed or pissed? The choice is yours!

Wishing you lots of bliss…with love, Rich

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Rich German is the founder and creative director of True Wealth Unlimited. For more information on meditation techniques and guided meditation classes available via tele-conference, please visit