Think about it. Is your life developing in the way you always dreamed? Or does it look the same way as your parents lived their life? And that, most likely, your parents lived their lives in the same patterns as their parents. And so on...

I have the best Orion DNA Theta Healing classes to help you to climb out of your rut. Does it feel like something you can use to improve yourself and live a wonderous daily life? You bet!

I know some people who think, behave, and sound like they are actually channeling their parents. I can hear their parents’ voice of ridicule, scolding, shame, punishment, control, guilt, and unworthiness resonate through their vocal cords.

It's just like the movie Jurassic Park. Even though the eggs were laid millions of years ago, the new born dinosaur children still provoke the same terror as their parents.
Sound familiar?

Guess what? This is the century of love, forgiveness, abundance, prosperity, and yes, I will say it-evolution!

An evolution from living as an unconscious robot repeating rote, boring and repetitive patterns into living as a conscious human being having a fun loving and adventurous spiritual life.

Let's release and really let go of all prehistoric limiting beliefs and truly come alive into the twenty first century.

I will be most happy to safely and gently guide you, not through Jurassic Park, but though a life adventure of freedom, peace, limitlessness, joy, happiness and love.

Please come join me, Margaret Loris RN MS, and learn the simplest and easiest technique of Orion DNA Theta Healing. You will be so happy you did.

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Author's Bio: 

Margaret Loris RN MS, DNA Lehrer, Kristall Heiler, heilend Langstrecke, registreit Krankenschwester, and certified DNA teacher, is a gifted healer with an international following. She is a Kristall Heiler and DNA Theta-Heiler. She travels all over the world presenting seminars and workshops on DNA Orion Theta Healing techniques; DNA heilen Seminar, Heilend Kristall seminar, und Internationale Seminare. Margaret has a special interest in healing pets and is a frequently published author on this topic. Margaret’s love for all the kingdoms includes her crystal healings and courses. Check her international workshop schedule: and email her at