Explore a perspective that pushes the imagination as we see the connection between technology, global communication and the human experience.

We imagine that the planet is a living organism, reflecting on its own existence and role within the universe. We will ponder and identify a great shift of consciousness happening right now! What is this great feeling of momentum that's happening on a global level? We can all feel it.

Is the Earth like a sleeping giant rustling in its sleep? The planet is awakening!

Are Movies the Imagination of Gaia?

Man has just turned a page in his history and evolution as we are engaging the 21st century. Our technology is increasing at an exponential rate and our global community is starting to feel closer and closer together. When we look at our technology, there is one thing that really rises to the surface. Mankind's ability to share its cultures with each other, via music, art, entertainment and movies, is light years from what it was even fifteen years ago much less any other time in our history. Is it possible that our art, music, philosophy and even movies are the imagination of the Earth?

At first glance this concept will seem logical and even ordinary to some. To others there is a glimmer of something deeper beneath this basic observation. Many of us feel a movement beneath the surface. A deeper current beneath the surface ripples of our time. Something that feels like there is a great change about to happen that is so monumental we can't put our fingers on it. We know it's there but how do we identify what it is?

Our logic tells us that the changes in technology are leading to a culmination of events. We envision exploring space, or technology that changes the world. The truth is technology is constantly changing the world from year to year.

But the deeper revelation is that why is the technology there in the first place? It's obvious that the communication between people almost anywhere on this globe is at paradigm shifting levels. The simple fact that there are billions of text messages, instant messaging and voice mails spanning the globe, all happening in real time is in fact staggering. This communication is similar to thought of the human brain as billions of signals rapid fire in an instant from neuron pathway to pathway sending and receiving information all in a nanosecond!

Is it so hard to imagine that the planet is a living organism, collecting experiences and having reflective thought? If our technology is like brain activity for the planet than what is the mechanism behind movies, art, entertainment and philosophy? Is it the imagination of a being that is vastly larger? If human beings are the central nervous system of the planet, than our collective pondering and self reflection as a species on a macro scale is the planet thinking and reflecting on its existence. Simply as we reflect, so does Earth.

Never before in the history of the Earth has a teenager from Cairo been able to read about the philosophy of Nietzsche, or watch a movie like the Matrix all from the laptop in his room and then create a u tube video talking about it. He can listen to a song talking about the human connection and instant message his friend in Japan. If we step back from our normal perspective, we will see a micro look into the reflections of now. We will also see a macro look at the reflections of the planet as an evolving being. A living organism!

We share ideas and concepts that are zipping across the airwaves and the internet as fast as our brain send signals to different parts of our bodies. Every time people reflect across the globe on everything from a concept in a movie, a brilliant novel, or a new song speaking of life, love, and the human experience, the planet is on a macro level reflecting on its existence and its own role in the universe. Every time a new movement of art, philosophy or movie concept is circulated world wide the planet's imagination grows and expands!

We have all as a species been reflecting on our existence and our purpose, since the dawn of mankind. But it is only in this new age where the ability to reflect as a global community is reaching amazing heights of connectivity and fluidity. Perhaps this is the great undercurrent of movement we all feel instinctually? Perhaps this is part of a great awakening for the being we live within, contributing our reflections, our loves, losses our gains? The Earth is awakening!

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