What have you been receiving time after time but ignoring? How many times have you followed your guidance? The angels are giving you guidance all the time; do you notice their guidance?

What have you been receiving time after time but ignoring? You probably have been receiving this guidance but ignoring it due to fear. Most people have fear when making some sort of a change in their life. Time after time, they ignore their guidance because the fear they feel is bigger than their guidance. Or so they think! But remember the Divine is giving you this guidance to assist you. You are truly POWERFUL! You just have to get out to the fear mode. Which is only:





Spirit guides us all the way really, step by step if we are listening and are waiting for the next guidance. When you turn the TV on you might receive guidance or when you receive an email or surf the Internet; watch for the signs and the synchronization!

When you ask for guidance from your angels and guides you will always receive an answer, but you must watch for that answer. Be aware of how the angels interact with you.

What is your best mode of connection with them? Try and become more aware of this and remember to ask for guidance! That is our FREE WILL and one of the cosmic laws that we live under. Then once you ask you must notice the assistance that you have asked for. It will always come to you...always! Remember that the more you trust this system of guidance the more it will truly benefit you!

Dr. Kelli, The Angel Whisperer Copyright 2008

Author's Bio: 

Dr Kelli is a visionary dedicated to healing the hearts of the Universe. She felt the presence of Angels early in life and started “talking to Angels and spirits” as a little girl; her near death experience was a catalyst in changing her life’s direction. She has a background in human resources management and was in Corporate America for may years before entering the spiritual & healing arts field.

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