“I know that I’ve lived here before.
I know that I’ve danced here before.
I know that I’ve sang,
And I know that I’ve loved here,
I know that I’ve died here before.”

Deju vu? Past-life? Or just a fantasy? Each of us is a Time Traveler. If it comes through to consciousness, as an experience one has had in past time, it I fully as real as any other experience of which you become aware. Indeed, “time travel” experiences are frequently so profound they eclipse most experience you have in the here and now.

In past-life exploration, we often experience the terrible hurts, the loss, death and pain of times past. The most painful lessons of the past usually teach us most in the present, because they are the origin of a deep-seeded behavior that hinders our progress in this current living.

An overview of several past lives can reveal patterns of behavior. Negative patterns can be corrected by going to the origin of the problem to start a deep healing process. Positive patterns reveal learned lessons, which can be applied in the current life, extended to develop a vision for the present-life future, and refined to fulfill one’s unique purpose in life. Past-life accomplishments can lead to present-life fulfillment. The patterns can be used as opportunities for spiritual growth. Growing through those lessons brings true wisdom. Wisdom is but having learned to grow through experience.

Past-life regression work is a compassionate and an effective therapy. The focus on hurts is balanced with gifts such as skills and talents that are bonuses or blessings brought forth from the past. Those gifts are the fruits of gardens planted in the ancient mists of time, sometimes planted before recorded history.

To appreciate past-life experiencing is to appreciate the truth of reincarnation. Reincarnation accepts as fact that every living person in the entire world returns from death to live again and again, over and over. It is nature’s way. Within seven years in your current lifetime, every cell in your body will be replaced, and you will be dwelling in an entirely different body than the one you wear right now. That is scientific and medical fact. Yet, during this process, your stream of consciousness goes on uninterrupted. Your stream of consciousness is truly an immortal part of your Self.

The concept of past-lives is both ancient and established, while at the same time, a new and emerging field of study, which combines a unique understanding and application of interdisciplinary principles, philosophical premises, and knowledge from many fields, including philosophy, theology, science, psychology, and the healing arts. As a therapeutic modality, it reflects simultaneously the wisdom of the past and the dynamics and change of an expanding knowledge and understanding of its principles and their application.

If you say previous lifetimes don’t exist because you have no conscious memory o them, consider what scientists tell us. Research proves that our every day perceptions are limited. There are, in fact, objects you cannot see, sounds you cannot hear, odors you cannot smell, tastes you cannot taste, and vibrations you cannot feel. Yet, these sounds, smell, images and sensations are measurable. To exist in reality. You may not consciously remember your recent birth, yet no one doubts that you were born. In like manner, past-life material exists beyond your daily perceptions.

Regressions are gifts to refresh our memories. They are like pieces of a complex jigsaw puzzle that we fit together to view the panorama of the soul. Regression work is a process rather than a product. The mind is the door to the past and the window to tomorrow. Each of us can fully utilize it in the now. We discover the positive patterns of the past, the gifts, and the talents previously unrecognized. Life patterns are the relationships, he thoughts, and the problems that are repeated. The roots often extend far into the past. Bringing your personal Akashic record to conscious awareness adds a significant chapter to the history of humanity. Each life contains sections of splendor and tales of travail. There are pages of wonder and growth and there are episodes of loss. Such experiences are natural components of the cosmic drama called life.

Not many years ago evolution was a theory believed by few. Today, a majority accepts evolution. Evolution is the evolvement of the physical body. Reincarnation is the evolvement of the soul (the real YOU) that dwells within that body. Both are concurrent and interrelate to each other. Body after body or more properly expressed, life experience after life experience must be engaged in for the growth of the soul.

Regression Therapy has become a therapeutic tool enjoyed by many people to enhance the quality of life. The therapist of today once was known as the priest or shaman. Perhaps, in the future, we will become known as “soul-doctors”—the term used by author, poet, and philosopher, Kahill Gibran, decades ago, when he wrote:

“This country needs hundreds of soul-doctors…. They must have a universal consciousness and be able to help people look in a different direction. An idea that hurts or enchants us acts like a magnet. Presently it becomes our fixed way of thinking and feeling. Then we need something to make us turn a little and see another part of reality.”

I invite you to become a fellow Time Traveler and join me in a vast, new world of the Mind, a pathway through time that is limitless. By embracing the past through remembrance, we proceed on the path to spiritual betterment and enlightenment.

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Kisma is a trained and certified Past Life Therapist by Henry Leo Bolduc, Adventures Into Time, The Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies, Inc., and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. To schedule a Regression, call 949-302-2754.

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