If you’re going to read this article with hopes of discovering the only advice you’ll ever need to achieve anything in life you desire then you’re in luck. If you’re expecting the advice to be some drawn out, complicated formula then, I’m sorry to say, you’re out of luck. The fact is, any and all success in life can be boiled down to a two step process. The process is ALWAYS the same. The process, at times, is more involved, more detailed than at other times but it always remains the same. So, by the time you’re done reading the next 945 words, you’ll know the exact success formula that anybody who has ever achieved their heart’s desire has already used. These statements are not hype and I assure you that if you take what this article has to say to heart, then you’re ultimate success will become a certainty. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

This process can be used by both employees to garner higher wages and professional advancement and entrepreneurs to command higher fees of their clients. The process I’m about to reveal does not discriminate; it can be applied equally by anyone regardless of age, sex, race, religion, background, education level or any other “obstacle” you think might be standing in your way. I can promise you that if you apply the formula I’m about to give you with consistency then your success is a foregone conclusion.

In the simplest of terms, your income is a reflection of the value you bring to others. The more valuable your skill set, the better your chances of earning a high income. For example, an auto mechanic stands a better chance of earning more than a day laborer and an attorney stands a better chance of earning more than an auto mechanic. The reason for this is obvious. The marketplace is willing to pay higher prices for greater skills. And, the more specialized the skill one can bring to their area of expertise, the more they can expect to get paid for their service.

It’s important you understand that the marketplace will always pay you what you’re worth and never a penny more. If you want to make more, then you must become more. From this observation we can conclude that the first part of the success formula is to make yourself more valuable by improving your skill set. Adding value to your skill set means learning something new – acquiring more knowledge – about your area of expertise or developing a new area of expertise altogether. The more specialized – or niche – your chosen area of expertise, the greater your probability of earning a higher income.

And, avoid stagnation. You’ll want to add to your skill set in perpetuity. There is always an opportunity to expand your knowledge of a particular subject. The more knowledge you acquire on the subject, the more valuable you become.

Acquiring knowledge is the first part of the success formula, applying that knowledge is the second part. After all, what good is acquired knowledge if it’s not put to good use? But, many people neglect this crucial step. I offer you the following example to illustrate this point.

Let’s say you decide to get involved in real estate investing. You know that real estate is a dynamic investment and many people who know their stuff have become wealthy in real estate. So you buy a book to learn more about the topic. The book was good, it was informative but you determine you need to know more so you purchase a “get rich in real estate” training course from a late night TV infomercial. You study the course and it looks like foreclosure investing is an interesting niche. So, you buy another book specifically on how to buy and sell foreclosed property. After all, you owe it to yourself to know as much as possible about this complex subject matter. However, after a while, things at work have gotten really busy and whatever free time you may’ve had is spent taking care of the kids. So, in the end, your aspirations of becoming a real estate investor are placed on the back burner – life has simply gotten in the way.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Have you ever let this type of thing happen to you or perhaps you know someone whom this story describes? The truth is, anyone who reads two books and studies a course on real estate investing has built up a great deal of knowledge on the subject. They probably know more on the topic than most other people they’ll ever come in contact with. But sadly, all that acquired knowledge will go to waste because the knowledge was never given a fair chance – it was never applied and used.

Sometimes, what’s called analysis paralysis, will hold someone back from reaching a goal. So much time is spent getting ready to get ready that no meaningful action is ever taken. There are many underlying reasons why we, as human beings, hold ourselves back from accomplishing more with our lives – reasons that stretch far beyond the scope of this article. It could be fear of failure or fear of success. It could be the potential pain of getting out of our comfort zone. It could be just about any excuse we might want to tell ourselves. But, in the end, action not taken is opportunity lost.

To recap, the universal success formula can always be boiled down to a two step process: 1) acquire new knowledge and skills and 2) apply the acquired knowledge and skills.

Here are a few final thoughts: the knowledge or skills you choose to acquire will have a direct impact on your value to others. The more specialized or niche your skills, the more valuable those skills are likely to be. And, always, always add to your skill set. For example, an interior painter can make himself more valuable by learning faux finishes. He can make himself more valuable still by learning Venetian plastering techniques and so on.

You hold the key – it’s all up to you. You can either survive or you can thrive. You alone will determine which path you’ll take based on how valuable a resource you are to others.

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