Are you one of those people who never eat vegs? It is time to make a change. Find or grow some organic foods. You could start with some tomatoes. The tomatoes have fiber, which will help you to eliminate when your body starts cleansing. It not only helps to relieve constipation but it also helps prevent hemorrhoids. Tomatoes help to lower the risk of prostate cancer according to some researchers. The lycopene in the tomatoes is an antioxidant. Tolearn more about antioxidants click on the link below.

I drink raw goat milk. It has enzymes that help the liver and digestion. I know a man that cleared up stomach ulcers with raw goat milk. The person you purchase it from must know how to handle it properly. You can drink at your own risk. I will say I have never been sick from raw milk. I grew up on raw cow milk on the farm. I have been drinking raw goat milk for years. The raw goat milk is another alkaline food and the raw cow milk is an acid food. As you can see the raw goat milk is the better choice. Always choose alkaline food where possible and raw food where possible.
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I am a retired nurse who suffered from Candida which I believe was caused by my mercury fillings. I teach others a three-step health program to help restore health.