Personal and business success starts with the question, "What should I do with my life?"

People don't succeed by moving from one 'hot' industry to another, being a copy cat of some hero leader or following a certain career-guiding formula. They succeed by unleashing a productive, creative and focused energy that flows from the inside-out working at things they love doing.

We live in an economy where we don't have to tolerate jobs we hate. For the most part, we get to choose. But that choice isn't about a job search so much as an identity quest. So, don't be cursed because of your tremendous ability and infinite choice of jobs. Decide what you can devote your life to and then live your dream.

There are too many smart, educated, talented people operating at a slow speed in jobs they are just tolerating.
They have put their dream in a lock box so they could go out an make a ton of money to support the big house, the fancy car, the summer/winter place, the private schools, etc. The unfortunate outcome of following this path, is that they become emotionally invested in that world--and don't really want to ditch it by opening up the lock box and letting their dream surface.

The shortest route to living the good life involves building the confidence that you can live happily within your means. Sure, it's scary to imagine living on less. But embracing your dream is surprisingly liberating. Instilled with a sense of purpose, your spending habits naturally reorganize because you discover that you need less.

Sooner or later, we all yearn to break out of our secure harbors.

The heart moves beyond the familiar and convenient into more adventurous realms of possibility. If we don't break out, our future will always remain in the hands of someone else...not as something we claim fully as our own. Living our life with a deeper understanding that draws us to realize our ideals, walk our talk, and act in accord with what we know to be true is to live your dream.

Leaders move people by articulating a dream they hold that elicits optimism, compassion or a sense of connection---aspirations that point toward a hopeful future. Resonance flows from a leader who expresses feelings with conviction because those emotions are clearly authentic, rooted in deeply held values.

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John G. Agno is certified executive and business coach and president of Signature, Inc., a leadership development firm based in Ann Arbor, MI