Adrenal and thyroid functions are two special body functions that may be gracefully harmonized with the addition of energy healing self-help. From my experience, the most dynamic energy self-help usually involves some form of healing touch. Practicing self-help can augment the other options you and your doctor have discussed for your holistic care by helping you reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and increase your energy levels, which could give your adrenal system some support, for example. All of these good "effects" are known to benefit a body-mind-spirit regardless of the health challenge. When you are thinking of applying healing touch self-help in your daily life, consider these 3 intentions.

#1: You are able to tap into your body's natural healing.

Dr. Deepak Chopra says, "Our body is a part of the universe, and everything that happens in the universe ultimately affects the physiology of our body." Author Eckhart Tolle says: "No matter what your body's appearances on the outer level, beyond the outer form is an intensely alive energy field." With certain modalities, you can instantly connect to that universal energy, which is sometimes called infinite life force or the creative power of the universe, on a very physical level. This is important because under the right circumstances, you are able to allow a holistic system of invisible energy pathways of "Big Picture" life force - something bigger than any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disturbance - to translate into infinite possibilities for good health and wholeness.

#2: You get to participate in creating your own reality of health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Element Theory address a "health-creating motion" for your infinite life force as well as a "health-destroying motion." Stress, genetics, environment, and your thoughts and feelings can cause harmful stagnation or blockages in your energy. This is important because by knowing how to access "zones" where tensions gather, you can actually choose creation of health. For example, the location of the thyroid in the front center of your throat is also a major "thoroughfare" for every meridian in your body except the bladder meridian. So being able yourself to direct health-creating life force flow through that area of the neck could be highly beneficial to your thyroid and parathyroid functions. And it is a wonderful way to get to know your body better.

#3: Regular energy healing self-help may motivate stresses to be released out of the mind-body system before they have a chance to settle in the tissue.

When would you want to harmonize a disturbance as quickly as possible? Well, immediately after having had a surgical procedure, to bring healing energy to the area, or after any sort of injury, are good times to apply energy healing self-help. What matters most about energy healing self-help is that you begin. Look for your harmony. It's waiting to be noticed.

Barbara Semple

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Self-healing advocate, Barbara J. Semple, CMT, ACMT is an integrative healing arts practitioner and instructor with 30 years of study and practice in mind-body therapies. She is author of a number of books including Personal Power Cards - Flashcards for Emotional Wellness, and her latest multi-media Healing Touch Quick Steps HOME GUIDE contains 17 quick steps that may effortlessly focus energy to the thyroid and parathyroid glands, and 12 that can help target the adrenal system.