We are changing from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. There is much speculation as to when this is actually happening. The process usually happens over a 25 year period and the general consensus among many ‘New Age followers’ is that this started to happen with the Harmonic Convergence of 16th & 17 August 1987. Coming to a completion on 21 December 2012. These dates are based on the Mayan calendar and it is predicted by them that this is the forthcoming end of time as we know it and the preparation time for us to move from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. This would consist of a vibrational shift in our bodies and in the earth (Gaia).

On the 16th & 17th August 1987, groups of people all around the world gathered together in spiritual and mystical places to send out “Love” to Gaia and the people on it. This was to help with the change at this time. It was predicted that this would be a global awakening to love and unity through divine transformation. Many things occurred after this time;
Fall of Apartheid, 2nd February 1990
The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 9th November 1989
End of the Soviet Union, August 1991

Since this time life has changed in many ways, one of the most obvious is the speed at which technology has developed. Many people are finding that their lives have been sent in many different directions and they have had to face many issues. They may have experienced life changing events, such as relationship break ups, job changes, major illness of themselves or a family member or a change in their living location.

There are many tools that people can use to help them through these times and to help them move forward in their personal vibration shift.
Energy Balancing of which there are many modalities
Life Coaching or Counseling
Sound or Color vibration
Many more too numerous to mention

I have found that Reiki and EMF Balancing Technique® are advantageous to help people adjust their vibrations and let go of old emotions that are holding them back in their personal growth. Enabling them to live in the ‘Now’ with joy. I enjoy participating with clients in their journey and enabling them to move forward in an accelerated momentum to a more balanced and enriched life. Using the Reiki and EMF the client is able to relax and let go of issues in an easy, non stressful and supported manner.

These may be intense times in which we are living, but they are also exciting. Never before in the history of Gaia has so much energy been so accessible to us. I am grateful to be here to witness the events and be a small part of the change. Please contact me if you have any questions or check out my website.

Author's Bio: 

I am a Reiki Master teacher and have been practicing and teaching for 8 years. I have also been an Advanced Practitioner of EMF Balancing Technique® for 7 years. The EMF clears blockages in the electromagnetic energy which affects the physical body. It also helps to set up new healthy patterns. I enjoy meeting people and seeing them move into a better space in their lives. These modalities not only help the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, but can also create shifts in your whole life. It is awesome to see people move into their joy. I used to practice in Golden Bay, New Zealand and have now been drawn to the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia