Beautiful nails have been an obsession that can be traced back to the ancient Chinese. It has been said that the Mandarins (males & females) considered long nails to be a sign of wealth. If you had two-inch talons, that was a sign that there was no way you could be a common working laborer.
These days anyone can have well cared for hands and nails without spending a mild fortune and still be able to show off your own personal touch of style.
In this article: acrylic nails means, acrylic, gels, silk wrapped, fiberglass. Just makes it simpler to speak of all these different types as acrylic.

Acrylic nails or keep your nails natural?
This all depends on how you care for your nails and if you have the time to get your nails manicured and filled every two weeks. Because of the cost not everyone can really afford having their nails done every two weeks. Many who take care of their own nails do self manicures every week and their nails look just as wonderful as those who choose acrylics.
Acrylic nails have come along way. You can get a French manicure done and change the tip color (part that is normally white) from white to any color in the rainbow with glitter if you like!

The good news about acrylic nails depending on where you get them done, they can look just as if it was your own natural nails! The type of acrylic nails that look the most like your own is called “Pink and White”. The way this works is the pink is the base part of your nail. You can receive a pink that closest to your own. Your nail tech will be able to show you all your choices. “Pink and White” will cost you a bit more and they are worth the money if you just want nails that look just like your own.
Please note that you don’t have to get the square shape nail tip! Besides it doesn’t look all that natural and if you want nails that look best, they need to be the same shape as your nails are now. “Pink and White” will really look like yours only better! Your nail tip needs to be oval but just a little bit square. This looks more like your own natural nail shape. “Pink and White” are great for those who do not want to wear nail polish due to job or personal choice. Easy to care for, look amazing on all skin tones.

As with all types of acrylics, your own nail will be come softer. As long as you wear acrylics that point doesn’t matter. Remember this point also, your nail tech when using the drill on your nail base should never cause you pain! If they do, get a new nail tech! Having your nails done is not something that should be painful!

Another rare problem that could happen, you can get a fungal infection on the base of your nail. If you acrylic nails and they lift, you can get water trapped under the acrylic next to your nail. The water will turn green and can strain your nail. This is something that happens very rarely, if you have a good nail tech this it won’t happen. If this was to happen you would have to have your acrylic nails removed till it clears up. It is just something to think about.
When you visit a nail salon for the first time, take the time to ask questions. Watch how the nail techs talk with each other. If they speak another language and this bothers you, then that may not be where you want to get your nails done at. Also take into account the cost of having them done every two weeks including the cost of the first set.
Doing your nails or having your nails done for you, remember this point. Beautiful nails will never go out of style!

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