What inspires you...a smile from a stranger, watching someone being kind to another person, a co-worker receiving accolades for a project well done, or a parent giving their child hugs and kisses just because.

Acknowledgements are fuel for empowerment! How do you feel when someone congratulates you for a job well done? Notice how your energy feels. When someone is nice to you, not only is there a rise in your seratonin, there is a rise in seratonin of the person that said it to you. There is also a rise in seratonin of the people that were witness to this act of kindness. You probably didn't think your kindness could effect so many people.

Acknowledgements that come from the heart are the ones that make the most difference. You can tell when someone is being sincere or if they're saying something to puff up their own ego. You can feel it in the person's energy as well as your own. We have been taught at a young age to think of ourselves,but don't boast. Think and act strong, but don't tell anyone how well they're doing because they may pass you up for that promotion. What if we changed, just a little bit, would it help others as well as ourselves?

Acknowledging from the heart can have a powerful impact on your attitude and your motivation to continue on your path, whether it is a project at work or a life situation you are working through. Try to look back on the week and think of the acknowledgments you have received. What were they? How did you feel? What about the acknowledgments you said to someone else, how do you think the other person felt after hearing them? Did you notice a change in how the other person acted?

It's amazing what true active listening and heartfelt acknowledgments can do for a person's motivation. How many people can you inspire this week with just a few good acknowledgments.

Author's Bio: 

Christine is a Personal Development Life Coach, working with individuals and groups to rediscover their incredible potential for success.

Through an interactive and exciting process, Christine helps people to identify dilemmas and impasses and to create achievement plans that transform old ways of thinking into new ways of realizing goals. Christine also coaches people through grief and loss, helping to better cope with and understand life changes during the times ahead.

Christine is the creator of Life-Scape™ - Creating the Life of Your Dreams and the Wisdom Group™. She is a Graduate of CoachU and a member of the International Coach Federation. Christine is also a Usui and Japanese Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Aromatherapist.