Achieving success in network marketing takes more than just having faith and belief in your company, your system or even your ultimate goal.

There is a missing component many distributors overlook or simply dismiss as unnecessary to the growth of their business. In fact, it's just about the single most important ingredient to becoming successful in the network marketing business... The investment you make in YOU.

Having a short-term goal is a great start. Combining this with a long-term goal is even better. Generating targeted leads: people who really want to hear what your offer is all about, completes another part of the network marketing puzzle. But the one piece many simply don't put enough time into is investing in themselves.

What Do We Mean By Investing In Yourself?

Simple. Without a daily dose of self-improvement and motivational exercise, climbing your way to the top of the achievement mountain is nearly impossible. Did you know you could just about cheat your way to success?

That's right; hang out with those who have that millionaire or even billionaire mindset. The best way to do this is by simply reading and listening to motivational material.

There's an old theory that if you hang out long enough with successful people then your mindset begins to change. You begin to think and act like them and before long, what you once considered a satisfactory level of accomplishment, pales into insignificance to what you're really capable of producing.

That's the power of listening to motivational material on a daily basis! It literally changes your perceptions about your real worth and helps remove self-limiting boundaries often put in place by yourself.

Whether it's someone well known on the success circuit like a Jack Canfield or Jim Rohn or whether it's somebody who is successful within your own company or in you’re up line.

It's amazing. Many consider even 15 to 20 minutes of motivational stuff as simply brainwashing. When you're building a network marketing business, the truth is, it's simply gold.

Failure in the MLM business is horrendous. Many quit within the first 2-3 months. Failure is common in this business however, it's part and parcel of achieving ultimate success. Motivational stuff will keep you on track and put the failures into perspective.

Developing the same mindset as the millionaires is as easy as inviting them into your home on a daily basis. Eventually, it will begin to rub off and that's a key element in building your network marketing business.

Author's Bio: 

I am average guy who is married for the last 25 years, and was a police officer for 13 years who became retired on disability. After some sole searching began a career in teaching. I have been teaching for 7 years making a good living, but living pay check to pay check. I found out I could stop working due to living cost, and started a network marketing business, fail a few times, but kept at it. I have made a lot of progress and learned alot along the way, and love to share my knowledge.