As the world continues to change around you, and as you continue to grow and expand into the new energy, you will ascend higher and higher into a new vibrational frequency in body, mind, and spirit. Because of theses changes, there will be times when you will experience battles within yourself between polar/opposite energies--male and female, fear and power, scarcity and abundance, and especially that of the ego and higher consciousness. These battles need to take place in order for the truth to emerge--that humanity needs to learn to integrate these polarities into a state of BALANCE.

It's helpful to understand that certain unpleasant feelings will emerge during this shift in energy. You may experience feelings of despair, sadness, grief, or even feelings of anxiety as you move into the new. You will intuitively sense that there are changes going on within you, but you may not know how to express them. You may feel very lost and not know who you are or which way to go, for subconsciously you are afraid of letting go of the old energy, the"old you" because you do not know what the new energy, or the "new you" has to offer. And so the battle ensues, for you fear what you do not know, and the old remains a place where you stay because of it's familiarity and comfort....BUT all that IS changing, and while it is very important for you to let go of old beliefs and patterns of behavior in order to be a part of this great change in energy, you do not have to let go of that part of yourself that makes you YOU--that's the mis-perception that prevents forward movement--you do not have to leave that part of yourself behind, but instead will integrate it with the new, along with all the things in your life that make you happy and bring you joy NOW-- these things will only continue to grow and expand along with you.

When moving into the new energy, the beliefs that are based in fear and in scarcity will test you at every turn. Bless these tests as golden opportunities to learn what needs to be healed within you, in order for you to realize what a magnificent creator you have always been. Know that the predominate masculine energy, which has been in control for far too long, will once again come into harmony and balance with the feminine energy, as women all over the world begin to calmly, peacefully, but assertively step into their rightful positions of equal power, and men begin to embrace their receptive, emotional, nurturing sides. All of these things are occurring right now so the ego can let go of it's beliefs in separation, and integrate itself into Oneness with Divinity...and then once and for all move into wholeness.

The time has come to bring all energies into harmony with one another, and because of this, you will experience a roller coaster ride of emotions. During this time, laugh and make light of your uncharacteristically off-balance personality, knowing that this experience is bringing ALL those aboard to a natural state of balance, integration, and and then wholeness.

The Angels

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