How is that, you might say?

(Please let me relate to you the following all-too-true story.)

Viv is an amazing guy whom I (author) have known for over 12 years. Some 17 yrs ago he became the victim of a car accident falling backwards off a 100 foot cliff whilst in his car as result of swerving to miss a drunk driver travelling wildly on the road. Only days later after regaining consciousness he was told he would never walk or for-that-matter move unaided EVER again.

Not only had Viv. become a victim of Quadriplegia at that time, 2 years ago he told me he entered hospital for his 87th time!(I sat dumb-founded as he related his story)... He continually suffered bowel/bladder infections as result of his condition. Also he informed me, of those 87 hospitalisations, 12 were for further surgery on complications of his spinal injuries.

I had also gleaned from Viv, since his accident 17 amazing years ago, that our State's premiere spinal hospital had spent over $990,000 on Xrays, Cat scans, Pet scans, etc of his spine and infections... Whew, what a saga: Enough to test the resolve of ANY human let alone being quadriplegic to boot!

Anyway, 2 years ago Viv went missing from our regular weekly chats, for a few months, until I bumped into his son in the street. He told me Viv had been struggling in hospital for some 9 weeks and was very very low. Indeed his son's actual words were, "Teetering near death, in and out of consciousness." I said to his son, "Please, please offer him my love and best wishes". He said he would!

A few days went by when just on-the-spur-of-the-moment I decided to send him a few roses with a simple get-well card, then thought nothing of it.

Anyway some two weeks went by and Viv once again trundled up to my place in his wheelchair. He looked dull, sullen, of sunken features and much worse for wear but nevertheless I recognised that little twinkle in his eye.

"How are you mate?", I said. "I've heard you've been in-the-wars". To which he replied, gulping back a torrent of tears which swelled in his eyes:

"You know, you're a life saver!"

"Me?" I exclaimed, "Not on your life mate, I couldn't rescue a flea."

"Forget about fleas", he replied, "That get-well card you sent me just pulled me back from death's door." He exclaimed.

"How do you mean?", I replied, sensing his tears as they began to well in my eyes too.

"Well, after being in hospital soooo many times people just forgot, or were too busy to visit. They just thought "Hello, Viv's at it again, Oh, well!". Other than the odd close family member, in those nine weeks I just did not get a single flower OR even a card".

"Sure enough", he said, "I reckon I was just about to throw-in-the-towel when it seemed no one really cared. Then a nurse came to my bed with your simple get well note...MATE, it just blew me away that anyone would even take the time and spare a thought for me enough to send me anything let alone those simple flowers... You know it just lifted me up right-out-a-hospital and got me back home worse for wear BUT still in one piece."

I looked at him both in glee that he got out-a-hospital alive and in horror that he did not receive even just one card. Tears now ran from my eyes too and we both fell into each others arms and wept tears of joy for his miraculous recovery.

Yes, I still have had the pleasure of knowing this remarkable man. You know I reckon Viv has the spirit of ten men enough to endure just what he has.

So you see a very simple note given purely of spirit AND at-the-right-time may even save your life!

Author's Bio: 

Glen F Rees B.Sc, N.D. 25 years of Natural therapy, 21 yrs as a fulltime practicing Naturopath in Country Victoria, Australia.
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