Imagine sitting on a beautiful white sandy beach. The sun is directly overhead and its rays are brilliant and warm as they flow from the top of your head and throughout your body.

Let your toes feel the cool, turquoise blue water. See yourself staring out to sea, mesmerized by the dancing rhythm of the waves. Watch and hear the seagulls fly above you, then see them dive into the sparkling water. You feel at peace here. After awhile, you notice a huge wave coming toward you but you are not afraid. The water comes close to your hand and when the wave is gone, you see it has left you a wondrous gift.

Glowing like jewels on the sand are seven different colors of seaglass. You pick up the red seaglass first and hold it in the palm of your hand. Stare into the seaglass and imagine you are becoming smaller and smaller until you are surrounded by the red seaglass.

Feel the warmth and energy of the color red. Red gives you courage and helps you obtain your material needs. Now breathe in the color red and as you inhale, feel the intense power of red. As you exhale, breathe out any fears and doubts you may have about yourself, your family and your life.

Now pick up the orange-colored seaglass. Look into the seaglass and become the color orange. Orange is a joyful color. With orange, you feel happy about your choices and your life and will not allow anyone or anything to dampen your enthusiasm. Breathe in orange and as you inhale, breathe in happiness and joy. As you exhale, breathe out any bad habits or addictions which may prevent you from enjoying your life.

Now pick up the yellow-colored seaglass and feel the power of yellow surround you. Yellow gives you more confidence in yourself, no matter how many criticisms you receive. Breathe in yellow and as you inhale, breathe in confidence and self-worth. Feel the knowledge and wisdom of yellow. As you exhale, release your worries, your low self-esteem and anything else which may prevent you from enjoying your life.

Place the green-colored seaglass into your hand. It is the color of harmony and balance and peace. When you are hurrying to meet deadlines, visualize the color green and allow your balance to be restored. Breathe in green and as you inhale, breathe in peace, good health and forgiveness. As you exhale, breathe out sickness, hatred and jealousy.

Pick up the blue-colored seaglass and become the color blue. Blue offers you creativity and communication. Blue helps you perceive the truth about yourself and about others. Breathe in blue and as you inhale, breathe in truth and serenity. As you exhale, breathe out dishonesty and stubbornness.

Now pick up the indigo-colored seaglass. Indigo is the color of intuition, your inner voice that tells you to "go for it". You need to trust your intuition if you are to realize your full potential as a human being. As you inhale, breathe in wisdom and intuition. As you exhale, breathe out judgment and depression.

Now there is only one seaglass left to explore, the violet-colored one. It is the color of spirit, of faith. No matter how difficult your life may get, remember that faith never lets you give up on yourself. Breathe in the color violet and as you inhale, breathe in faith and gratitude. As you exhale, breathe out arrogance and negativity.

Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet. You have now collected seven powerful and healing colors, your personal rainbow from the sea. Whenever you wish to feel emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced, meditate on these colorful vibrations.

Enjoy your day!

Author's Bio: 

Eleyne-Mari is the founder of AURA HOUSE School of Color and Light. As a certified color therapist, spiritual aromatherapist, author and color muse, Eleyne-Mari conducts private color consultations and color therapy workshops for adults and children. Visit her web site at