My life is a divine testimony of a mother's love for her child. Dexter my son faced death. Again and again my love would defeat any negative outcome.Victory in adversity gives salient reasons for overcoming obstacles and impossibilities. Such is the case that is esteemed from a loving relationship between a mother and her child in this story. I knew that with all the love I had to give my son, that someday Dexter, my first born, would stand tall among his peers.

Love can be defined; to feel affection for another. Love is shed in our hearts toward another. Love is more than kindness. Love is the preeminent virtue inculcated and produced by Christianity. The whole law is summoned up in love, not in the sense of rendering all other requirements nugatory, but in the sense that love is fundamental, and expresses the spirit of all others, and will lead to the observance of loving with your
heart, soul and mind.

My story of my ill child who developed Hydrocephaly which is water on the brain is a mother's love demonstrated exclusively. I will reveal precious keys to walking in pure love and powerful devotion. Get ready to receive a fresh revelation on how a positive attitude coupled with tender care, can personify a mother's unending love. I did take on the support and provide the same training and activities for my
sick child as I did for all of my other children. My family took on the philosophy of Johann Wolfgang Gvethe who admonished us to treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.

Parents whose children are born with this dreaded disease and other illnesses feel there is no hope. But there is hope. Because love can heal a broken-heart, love is the
essence to reuniting a love one again. In any relationship there has to be a measure of love. When love is established in our lives and relationships we can have victory. Then
we become more than conquerors in various test, and trials that can put stress on relations. Of a certainty relationships can be restored and resurrected through steadfast and
unmoveable love. Your very conversation should be affectionate. Soft words turn away wrath and harsh words stir up anger. What love is not; it is not puffed up nor does love
behave itself unseemly. Rather love is kind and sincere.

My son was dying, and the doctor told me to gather the family together if they wanted to see Dexter alive, because he had only 5hrs to live. My love for my son dictated that I stay in the battle. It enabled me to keep the faith and fight for his life. I believed within my heart that he would live and not die. He is healed from this disease; 41yrs of age this year and shows no affects of hydrocephaly. There is such a thing as perseverance.
My life of despair became a life of triumph! My Church loved my family and my son: in that they fasted three days and three nights with prayer, just for my son. This is love personified.

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Lorene Hall is an author of her first book,Hallelujah! Its A Mother's Miracle. This
Book is about her oldest son who was given 5hrs to live 39yrs. ago. He developed a dreaded illness called hydrocephaly, which is water on the brain. The book goes on to give a chronological yet miraculous story of him as he is healed of this malady. Her
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As a writer, visionary, inspirational speaker and Evangelist, Lorene Hall writes from life's expediency with conviction and meticulousness of heart. Her inspired book, Hallelujah!It's A Mother's Miracle, is lighting the way by touching people's hearts and lives through its miraculous storytelling.This is 'a how to have' a Miracle book. A Must read! Discover how to have a Miracle! Please visit me on and type in lorene hall. The message will bless you immensely.