I feel Reiki is a crucial foundation for anyone who is trying to heal.

When I am channeling Reiki energy to a client, I am calling on a higher source to offer healing energy to that person where ever they need it. That is the amazing thing about Reiki. It doesn't matter how old you are, what your religion is, where you are from; anyone can and will benefit from it on some level. The only limitations are in the openness or acceptance level of the receiver.

Let me just say, even non-believers have a positive outcome. But if you are open-minded
and want to receive all there is to help you heal, you will obtain love and healing on an unimaginable level.

You will also reach a level of higher consciousness and an awareness of the beauty all around you in your life. It brings you to a state of peace and gratitude.

I feel this is a much needed first step in the process of self improvement and development. This not only helps improve our own sense of well-being, but it rubs off on those around us and they begin to benefit from your well-being! How great is that!

We can all use some more positive vibes around us these days. Everyone is in panic mode and concentrating on all the negativity about the economy. This is understandable when everything around us is so uncertain, but the more we focus on the doom and gloom, the more of it we are going to attract. In times like these we all need to take a step back and take a good look at our situation and decide what’s most important to us. Just like the government, we all need to cut back on unnecessary spending, eliminating all the excess in our lives and getting back to basics. Spend quality time with our children, family and friends. Think about what type of skills you have that can be used for volunteer work. Spend a few minutes each morning meditating; trying to look within yourself to find what really makes you happy. The happier you are, the more productive you will be, and the less stressed you will be.

Reiki energy helps you to focus on your inner self and shut out all the outside chatter and stress that we get caught up in every day. It helps you see how trivial all the gossip and complaining is that you hear from your friends and co-workers. It helps you to instead see the beauty in every situation.

The really amazing thing about Reiki energy is that I can channel it at a distance. A Distant Healing is done by using a Crystal Reiki Grid. Quartz crystals are arranged in a circle with a quartz cluster in the middle and these hold the Reiki energy for 24-48 hours! So I write down my intention for myself or anyone else, give Reiki energy to it and place it in the grid so that it continues to receive the healing energy for the next couple of days. This is great to use for people having surgery. It allows me to send them the energy from a distant location right before they go in for surgery, or if someone has an important meeting or interview it gives them an added sense of confidence and positive energy.

In closing, here are the 5 Reiki Ideals which are wonderful words of wisdom that everyone should try to live by on a daily basis.

Just for Today, I Will Let Go of Anger,
Just for Today, I Will Let Go of Worry,
Just for Today, I Will Give Thanks for My Many Blessings,
Just for Today, I Will Be Kind to My Neighbor and Every Living Thing.

Author's Bio: 

Karen currently works as an LPN at a Long Term Care Facility. She also offers private wellness coaching and Reiki sessions.
Please visit journey2healing.com. Email me at: Karen@Journey2Healing.net