The Four Steps of A Healing Process.
The first step is awareness and acceptance. You become aware of what is out of balance. You become aware of what is in pain or discomfort, mentally, spiritually, physically or psychically. You become aware of what needs to be changed. This brings you the lesson of Acceptance. Accept that what is, Is. You can never heal until you accept this situation. In accepting the situation or challenge does not mean it can’t or won’t change. It means you accept what's going on is the way it's meant to be in this moment of time. So even in the pain or anger this is a part of the experience and the lesson.
The spiritual principle is to accept “that all things are in the right place for the right reasons for the experience.” This comes from our scripture that all things are good when we follow the law. “All good things come to those who follow the law.” The law really means God as Love, as the law of cause and effect.
Most people will fight what they don't like. This creates the conflict and adds to the pain or anger. The situation does not feel right, or it does not match what you think it should look like. However, when you fight the situation you are resisting the process of healing or change. What you resist persists. Therefore the Spiritual Principle of Truth; I am in perfect balance, harmony and peace with all the surrounds me and all that surrounds me is in harmony with me.
This begins a change in consciousness that starts a healing process within your thoughts, feelings and physical consciousness. Regardless of how difficult the situation may appear, as you hold the thought and belief that it is all in balance you are taking the first step to your wholeness.
The 2nd step to the healing process is release of the effect, because your pain is very real. Whether it is mental, emotional, psychic, or physical, it is very real and your body registers all of that. Your pains get into your cells and into your organ, issues in the tissues. These issues can be images, thought forms, vibrations, and they set into the body. That is a cause of the feelings of extraordinary physical discomforts. The process is releasing the effect.
Q. How do you do that?
A. With the light in meditation.
Once you accept the Spiritual Principle of Truth you are able to experience a consciousness of tranquility. This is a beginning of accepting there is Divine Law that will manifest in highest intent. Releasing is working with the light, prayer or meditation. For thought directs energy and energy follows thought, and thought adds power to energy. A Course in Light is a spiritual study that leads you into meditation with awareness of using light energy for assisting your healing. This is where meditation and prayer is the practical practice of self healing as you are directing the light through the body to clear out the issues in the tissues that have lodged themselves in the body.
The 3rd step to all healing is forgiveness. You cannot be forgiven until you have accepted and released what you have held on to as wrong. Forgiveness is a state of being. It is a place in your Mind, heart and soul where you become aware there really is nothing to forgive. It is in this state of mind and thought when you really are in a state of Grace. This is a step in consciousness when t totally know everything is OK. This is thie state of mind in which you can not remember the anger, the rage, and it' then becomes an automatic experience of forgiveness. We practice attaining this by prayers and meditation healing what you go through. Forgiveness is a powerful place to be mentally, physically, emotionally and psychically. When you are there, you know it! It is not having to obtain it, for you have arrived.
The 4th step in a healing process is maintaining your spirit and being in oneness which I call “being in the light,” and when you are living as our Bible tells us, in the law of Grace, meaning “connected to the spirit of God you become the radiant Light. Healing is not a one-time deal and it's over, it's a continuous part of our lives. We are always in the healing process as life brings us lessons that challenge our thoughts, feelings and state of being. Meeting the lessons with Love and Truth principles brings peace of mind and heart even during the moments when life is difficult.
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