(First Appeared in the Guelph Mercury)

Each one of us is entitled to all the abundance both in form and experience that is and has always been available to us. Imagine a storehouse of abundance with your name on it. Everyone on the planet has such a storehouse overflowing (running over) with all we have been promised in our spiritual teachings and writings.

There are no hoops to jump through, no paper to acquire, nothing we have to “do”. It’s not about just “being good” or as a reward for following society’s or anyone else’s “rules”.

Abundance/supply is the result of an awareness, understanding, and knowledge that the only source of Supply in the outer world is within us. No person, thing or condition is our Supply. Our consciousness of the Inner Presence within (God or whatever you choose to call that universal, all-knowing power) is the Cause of our source, supply and substance. It is not money. Money and other things are only the Effect of that awareness, understanding and knowledge.

The Principle of Supply is actively and constantly engaged 24/7 in bringing into form and experience all we need and fulfilling all our desires. Awakening to this Consciousness and the fact it is unlimited, means our supply is, therefore, unlimited.

Acceptance and awareness of this Divine Mind of infinite Prosperity requires us to practice the principles of faith, trust, and surrender; to let go and let God take care of any needs and fulfill any desires we may have.

Somewhere along the way, we have learned there is not enough, that we are unworthy to receive and thus have to work very hard to achieve anything in this lifetime. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Nowhere is it said you shall scratch out an existence for all time.

We get in our own way of receiving all the abundance intended for us. Our lack and impoverishment is abetted by our limited thinking, unawareness, lack of understanding and knowledge of our Divine Source of supply within. Thinking is the ego’s stomping ground. The ego is not about our success or well-being. Its intent is self interest and survival. The ego is intent on having us identify with it and not the awareness and consciousness of our divinity, that we come from God and as such are God.

Lest I forget to mention it, the abundance and prosperity highway is not one-way. Abundance cannot be horded or held onto. For this to succeed there must be a free inflow as well as an outflow. Abundance and prosperity require us to be generous not only with our money but with our time and our talents. For what we give, we receive 10 fold.

Activate the universal Law of Prosperity in your life. Let the consciousness of your divine Source fill you. Allow it to open the vast storehouse of abundance and prosperity that is yours; share it wastefully and lavishly. Don’t be fooled into thinking your supply, source and substance come from money or anything outside of who you are ~ divinity in human form.

Author's Bio: 

I am a contemporary spiritual teacher, mentor, and coach. I have been study, exploring and putting into practice awareness, consciousness and authenticity for over 20 years. For the past 10 years, I have been guiding others in their desire to be more aware, more conscious and more authentic. My passion lies in helping people make sense of life’s challenges as they awaken to a life of authenticity, meaning, and purpose. I am able to offer a variety of perspectives, tools and resources and am not attached to any particular religion or tradition.