We are all looking for a little self-development to help us on the road to being more successful in the workplace and at home managing all our relationships, here you can find ten top tips that may help you.

1. Create your own vision

You cannot set your sights on the horizon if you don't know which direction to look in. Sit down and carefully lay out your thoughts about where you want to be heading. That will be your vision. Write it down in the form of a mission statement and pin it to the wall so you can always refer to it and check your personal development goals are being met.

2. Keep it simple

Complex plans usually fail. Making plans and concepts simple means that your co-workers and employers and employees will better understand what you are trying to achieve. Through simplifying your communications you will increase the audience's understanding of the issue and gain greater consensus for a solution. Be wary not to over simplify issues, or 'dumb them down'.

3. Put trust in people

You people are your greatest asset so trust them. If you give them no responsibility then they will not be committed to the plan, to you or to the organisation. It is a leap of faith and sometimes you will be let down, but overall you will benefit.

4. Stay calm Stress is rarely a good emotion and learning to take a deep breath and step back to look at situation objectivity is a great skill. People flock to calm leaders in a crisis and shy away from stressful people.

5. Learn your trade Knowledge is power, and if you want to grow professionally and spiritually, you will gain huge leaps of self-confidence from knowing your business better. Spend one hour a week studying your skill or trade and the results will be clear to see in no time.

6. Take a little risk Calculated risks gain rewards. If you tow the party line all the time you will never stand out and the average person is not the most successful. So look carefully at the odds and stick your head above the parapet once in a while - and encourage those around you to do it too.

7. Invite criticism 'Yes men' are dangerous, they are not usually being honest, and integrity is one of the great keys to success. You will not always be right so it healthy to encourage those around you to feel that they can constructively criticise you or your plans without undermining your confidence or self-esteem. Together, this practice will work towards a better, more successful solution.

8. Encourage ownership If the big plan always belongs to someone else then they can often feel left out of the glory when it works perfectly, so give away some of the ownership of the problem and encourage people to be responsible for their own actions.

9. Be truthful Integrity is everything. If those around you know that you will be truthful with them, they will respect you more for it, they will know where they stand and will not feel uneasy confiding in you. Respect breeds a healthy working atmosphere, and in turn, success will follow.

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Steve Betsworth is an Internet Marketer who runs a website which currently offers a free five day e-course and an introductory video which explains not only the principles in this article in more detail, but more methods of finding success. The website is http://www.wealthmindmap.com/ Please also check out the Blog at: http://wealthmindmap.blogspot.com