According to ABC News, in an article dated December 10th 2012, a child age 9 whom the news site referred to as Breanna Bond just lost 66lbs down from a weight of 186lbs the natural way! 186lbs at age 9 is an enormous weight. Breanna told ABC news reporters that it had gotten hard for her to even breathe because of all the weight. She stated that kids in school would always make fun of her and call her names such as fat head and fatty. Kids today are subjected to this type of abuse because they are different. But are obese children really so different today from most other kids? The CDC website reports that the childhood obesity rate has more than tripled in the past 30 years. Lifestyles that kids live today are forced on them by their parents and today's society in general, a child that young has no say so in how they eat or live.

But Breanna's parents had enough and took the matter into their own hands. Her mother is reported as saying that she created a workout routine for her daughter and the whole family joined in to make it funner for the child. They changed the way they eat and watched fat content in their foods. Their fat count is now kept under 20 according to Breanna's mother. There are many reasons to watch what your children are eating today. Children that are in need of losing weight should not be allowed or made to eat much processed foods, sugar and foods where there is a high rate of insufficient nutrients. Now that actually encompasses a whole lot of products, but then again as a parent myself there are way to many products that kids eat today that should never be allowed.

Some of the changes that Breanna's parents made in her life make total sense but it makes less sense that these changes had to be MADE in the child's life. Things such as getting enough exercise would never had been an issue years ago for a child. Today's kids are in the house on some sort of electronic device instead of outside playing, running, jumping and being kids. There are many after school sports that children can get involved in as well that will help them manage their weight better. Breanna joined a swim team, this is great, in fact it is one of the best sources of exercise that children as well as adults can get into.

If you want to burn calories, that is one very good way to do so. In the video you can see Breanna's mother cutting up fresh vegetables, she is also heard talking about a tomato basil food dish. This is another great way to lose weight, except this should always be a part of a persons eating regime not a diet. Herbs, spices and good home prepared foods are where the health and nutrition is at. Buying processed foods that were prepared in a factory instead of a kitchen is where obesity can start and does start for many kids. So if you have a child that needs to lose some pounds, take this advice from the National Homesteading Examiner and get your kids into more vegetables, home prepared meals, less meats and processed foods, as organic as possible and get them kids outdoors to be active!

You can see in the video Breanna's before and after pictures, she is an inspiration to the world and to kids all over the US. Congratulations Breanna, let her story inspire you as well!

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