Would you like to improve your health, forge strong meaningful relations, accelerate your ability to manifest and fine tune your spiritual antenna at the same time?

Well you can. You just need to raise your level of consciousness so that you are vibrating at higher frequency. But what does it mean to raise your consciousness.

In a nutshell, raising your consciousness simply means to become more self-aware, to be more in tune with your thoughts, emotions and beliefs, and to broaden your perception of reality. But raising your level of consciousness stretches beyong your the confines of your own awareness. It involves a deeper understanding of your external environment, and understanding that everyone and everything is connected.

The problem is we have surpressed our level of awareness through conditioning, which derives from our life's experiences. We lose that connection with our inner-self and become alienated from our core-being. In fact, it wasn't until I approached the age of thirty that I really started to question who the person was staring back at me in the mirror!

I had become so disassociated from myself that I really struggled to connect with my inner-self. I had been conditioned by my thoughts, feelings and emotions that I had experienced all day, everyday for the most part of my life. If you can relate to this, then read on to learn some practical tips on how to raise your consciousness.

#1 Actively Cultivate Mindfulness

If you're going to raise your consciousness, you need to cultivate the art of mindfulness. Mindfulness means to live in the present moment only. The thing is, if you're not mindful than you're going to fall victim to your thought processes and emotions which keep you busily distracted. Acknowledge and slay that inner-voice. Soak up your environment and pay attention to what's going on around you. If you're taking a stroll, then really tune into your external environment, acknowledge your footsteps, the sounds of nature, the suns radiant glow, and all that's going on around you.

#2 Don't Hesitate To Meditate

The best tool at your disposal for cultivating mindfulness and delving into your inner-self is meditation. When you meditate, you develop a deeper mind - body connection, which helps you better tune into your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It offers a window of serenity where you can tune out of your external environment, and tune into your mind where you can quietly observe your thoughts. As you become more practiced in meditation, you learn to rest in the growing space of emptiness between thoughts which helps you explore the boundaries of your mind, and you'll witness the peace and joy that comes from authentic meditation.

#3 Cultivate Selective Ignorance

You would be surprised how much of an influence external sources can have on your own consciousness! Seriously, if you're going to become a more conscious being, you need to be mindful of external sources of information. Media is key here! The media are known to portray a negative picture which keeps us living in a state of fear and anxiety. This negative programming means you're unknowingly lowering your consciousness. Be mindful of this and choose to empower yourself with feedback and solicitations that are positive in nature.

#5 Love Openly and Freely

This is something I'm working on a lot myself lately! It's easy to allow past conflicts or conditioned thoughts to stop us from loving openly and freely. Let go of those prejudices such as stereotyping, religious beliefs, or branding and realize that we're all connected beings. When matter is broken down we are all one, it's only our ego that separates us. In the spiritual sense we are all brothers and sisters. Learn to love others openly regardless of sex, race, religion, or any other imposed belief that separates us. This one step alone will help you clear negative energy blocks and you'll more connected to others, including the beauty of nature.

#6 Always Displaying Compassion

Compassion - that's a keyword! Due to the imposed beliefs and prejudices of society it's easy to become self-absorbed and unaware of the needs of others. See a homeless person on the street? Then spare them some change, after all, we are only a paycheck away from being homeless ourselves. Strive to be charitable and caring, attune yourself to the needs of others and you'll be sure to raise your consciousness in the process.

#7 Always Displaying Gratitude

Life truly is a blessing and this is something we need to actively remind ourselves of. Even just being here is a miracle in itself so make it a daily habit to display gratitude. Take a few minutes each morning when you awake and each evening before you retire to bed to display gratitude for the many blessings in your life. Here's an exercise, grab a pen and pad and write down five things you are grateful for today. Once you have written down five things, place the paper in a jar. Now update this jar daily with five new items everyday. Congratulations. You just started your own gratitude jar :)

#8 Soaking Up Your Surroundings

If your going to expand your consciousness, you need to understand that everything is connected. We often neglect this simple truth and take nature's beauty for granted. Simple little things like the blossoming buds of spring, birds tweeting away, or a beautiful sunset on the horizon are beautiful expressions that many fail to appreciate. Reconnect with nature and soak up your environment. Remember, without this carefully devised Eco-system we wouldn't be here. That's definitely something to be grateful for.

#9 Learning From Conscious Beings

Learning how to raise your consciousness is much easier if you associate with like minded individuals who are pursuing the same journey. You can share your experiences and learn from each-other. You'll also find a abundance of resources online dedicated to helping you expand your consciousness. Follow spiritual guru's, "like" fan pages pertaining to consciousness, and strive to get involved with online communities and forums dedicated to helping raise awareness on consciousness.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein.

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