Efficiency. Studying. Effective studying? What does it mean?
We know how hard can it be when you have to read, review, or write something, especially with the deadline. It’s not because we’re lazy, we’re just not able to draw our attention to the right task. And this is where some study techniques can totally blow your mind.


Here are some basic steps on the way to be productive at studying:
1. The learning process should be organized properly. Pomodoro, or spaced repetition, or active recall, — what’s applying to you. You’re also capable of mixing these techniques. Because we’re all different.
2. The art of taking notes. They play an important role in your studying. So if you’ll find the way to hack this art, it’ll increase your efficiency right away. Different systems and methods were created — The Cornell Note Taking System, The Outlining Method, The Mapping Method, etc.
3. Practice not only as a student but as a teacher as well. It will teach you (and not only you) lots of new ways of processing needed information. When you get that you’re somehow responsible for another person’s understanding, your brainwork will be boosted.

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