The capacity to stimulate a group of people to achieve specific objectives that would have been considered impossible to meet without the input, support and guidance of the leader shows great leadership skills. But just how do you do this?

For anyone seeking great leadership skills the following nine key elements are essential to understand and apply:

1. Clearly identify your groups' strengths and weaknesses

Aim to maximize the performance of your group without unrealistic demands

2. Look for joint ventures where your groups' strengths can add value

Be creative and think "outside the box" when it comes to your groups' potential

3. Seek input from all relevant parties

Ensure you ask for, receive and listen to input from everyone associated with a particular project. Avoid at all costs any prior misconceptions, bias or "tunnel thinking"

4. Make the tough decisions

You will never be able to please everyone. As long as you have effectively communicated with all relevant parties, decision time is your call. The worst thing you can do is defer or avoid making a decision - this will definitely lead to division amongst the group

5. Communicate clearly all aspects of the project so that everyone understands and appreciates the importance of their specific input

Once you have made your decision to maximize the group potential every individual member of the group should be able to clearly see how they can "add value" to the project

6. Inspect what you expect

Never assume anything! Always make sure you are fully aware of exactly what is going on in your operation. It may be partly "management by walking around" but a significant part of your inspection process may also rely on trusted immediate subordinates

7. Show genuine interest and care for all people concerned

How well do you know your team? Are you aware of their personal goals? Remember the key driver in a persons' performance is the attainment of personal goals NOT any company goal - being able to mesh these two goals together by showing genuine interest will significantly multiply your chances of success. Good leaders do this every day

8. Keep your power of authority and workers concerns in balance

You may be the boss but leadership by "fear" will never create long term trust and productivity

9. Be prepared to generously reward and recognize your key participants that will be an enduring reminder of goals achieved

It takes more than one person to achieve most business goals so always know who played the key part in any milestone then publicly show your appreciation

Author's Bio: 

I am a Thai lady who founded a village community project called Thai Silk Magic