There is nothing worse than going through life without inspiration. You’ lack the motivation to pursue your dreams and may also end up living an unfulfilling life. An inspired person is an empowered person who can not only change their own life, but can also change the world!

To make sure you are one of these inspired people here are 9 ways to add inspiration into your life!

“The word inspiration means to be in spirit. When you’re tuned into your spirit, you are naturally drawn to do whatever feels best.”

#1 – Search for Inspiration

There are many inspirational ideas that you can find by simply conducting research. You can read books or just research online. You will find a wealth of knowledge from these resources.

For instance, you can find quotes from successful people in books or online. Quotes can help you understand a successful person’s thought process, and inspire you to explore what you can do to make your own life more successful.

You can also get inspirational ideas by reading biographies about people who managed to overcome dire circumstances and succeed against all odds. For instance Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, but his inspiration kept his dream alive and he eventually triumphed and became the President of South Africa.

#2 - Step out of Your Comfort Zone

If you stay in your comfort zone you will become a prisoner of it. You have to open your eyes to new experiences. This means taking chances and trying new things.

My son was very shy, but wanted to play quarterback on his flag football team. He started out by practicing with just us, then worked his way up to practicing quarterback with the team and eventually playing the position in games. He became one of the best players in the city, and now a few years later he can’t believe he was ever hesitant to give it try.

Sometimes it takes baby steps to leave your comfort zone, but you will soon find out it’s not so bad out there!

Just like my son, as you become more comfortable leaving your comfort zone you will gain inspiration to go after your dreams. Your confidence will soar, and you'll be eager to take on new challenges to move your life forward.

Use your personal power to get into a positive life cycle and breakout of the prison of your comfort zone!

#3 - Role Models

Do you have a role model? Role models can be full of inspirational ideas that can greatly influence your life. Role models are not just for kids, everyone needs a role model! It doesn't have to be someone famous. A role model can be someone in your life who encourages and inspires you. It can be a close relative or a friend. Ensure that this person lives the kind of life that you would want to live.

It is also a good idea to pick someone who you have something in common with. For instance, people who have been through sexual abuse, may look to Oprah Winfrey and Joyce Meyer as role models.

These two women went through that kind of abuse but that didn’t limit them in life. They refused to be victims of their past and went on to influence millions of people.

#4 – Meditation for Inspiration

The power of meditation can be a great inspirational source. When you get an inspirational idea, meditating on it will help you program the idea into your subconscious. This will help you to visualize it and inspire you to develop the mind set to make your ideas materialize.

Mediation can take place in many forms including yoga, quiet prayer and even peaceful walks. When you learn to quiet your mind and listen it opens up and lets your inspiration sink in and take hold.

#5 – Always Be a Kid at Heart!

Admire how easily children get inspired and set lofty dreams. Encourage them to go after their dreams and not set limits on what they can accomplish. Unlike most adults children lack doubt and believe in themselves. Their outlook of the world is bright and innocent.

Just listening to a child can be a source of inspiration! We should all approach life with this enthusiasm and believe anything is possible. By supporting and nurturing their dreams we can get back in touch with our dreams, and get inspired to live our dream lives!

There are numerous life lessons that can be learned from a child who believes anything is possible, and does not fear of failure.

# 6 - Inspirational Speakers

You can get a wealth of knowledge and new ideas from inspirational speakers. They often have wonderful inspirational ideas that if you listen to and apply, can change your life. These people have been trained specifically on how to inspire and motivate others.

You can become more empowered by simply listening to these experts. But, you have to put everything you learned into practice to get results.

#7 - Everyday People

You can get many inspirational ideas from extraordinary everyday people. Inspirational people don't have to be the likes of Martin Luther King or Maya Angelou, although they started out as everyday people.

There are people living ordinary lives who have done extraordinary things to overcome adversity. For instance, there are cancer survivors with very inspirational stories. Numerous inspirational lessons can be learned from people who simply won't give up and continue to fight on, no matter what the odds.

You can get books, videos, read blogs or follow such people on social media that will help you realize how short life is, and get you inspired to live your life to the fullest.

#8 - Work with a Coach

A coach can make a tremendous difference in your life. You spend the majority of your time thinking about what you know and what you don’t know. A coach can help you with a third area of your life that gets zero attention, and that is, you don't know what you don’t know.

A coach serves as an objective voice helping you to find inspiration by exploring this unknown area and helping you bring it to light. This is often where your life purpose can be found, which will be the true source of your inspiration.

Everyone has a life purpose, but without truly living it your life will be unfulfilled. Your life purpose is your reason for being. The trick of course is figuring out what that purpose is. When you live your life purpose you are living your dream life!

Can you afford not to know what your life purpose is?

#9 - Inspire Others

Inspiration is drawn to you when you inspire others. I get a great feeling of pride when someone tells me that I inspired them or they consider me a role model. It inspires me to want to do more to continue being a source of inspiration to that person.

As you empower others you will also empower yourself!

Many people fail to achieve their dreams simply through lack of trying, because they are not inspired to move forward. Use the 9 simple tips above to help find your inspiration, hold on to it and use it to live the life of your dreams!

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