Top Eight Tips to….Getting Older Fabulously!

1. Beliefs
So what do you believe about you getting older? What will you look like, no really? Or is this something you’re totally in denial about? If we are able to source your beliefs then change/shape them to be beliefs that do actually serve you then everything else we do together will be 100% more effective! This is the cornerstone of getting older fabulously! Capisce?

2. Diet
I wonder what you put in your body. Is your body your temple or is it a handy garbage disposal? What you put in the inside is what is reflected on the outside…. How’s your skin by the way? Your waistline? Your energy levels? Yep, you got it – all got to do directly with what you eat. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating ANY diets. In fact, everything in moderation is where I’m coming from. You can still enjoy everything you like to eat and we need to look at how much of this stuff you are eating!

3. Nutrients
Ok so some of you wise guys could say this belongs up there with ‘diet’ and you’d be right. I just wanted to emphasise it’s not what you’re eating but are you eating the right quality of food? Right nutrients, supplements, vitamins? The question is are you getting all the right stuff your body needs to work effectively and be what you want it to be, realistically of course!

4. Exercise
Sorry to add this one guys but you knew it was coming, didn’t you! Again in moderation. How many of you actually walk for more than 20 minutes…..a week? Yeah, I thought so. Well guess what you need to do then…yep 20 minutes fast walking, at least 3 times, a week! Or any other type of cardio. Got to

keep all those joints moving or else they WILL seize up as you get older and older. Not a nice thought huh. So get moving!

5. Relaxation
You will probably ask why I dared put this in straight after exercise huh? Well, the frame of mind you’re in will support you in getting older fabulously! Kind of connected to the beliefs you have about yourself but also the mind-body connection. So, do you meditate, even if it’s just focusing on your breath going in and out? Relax? Stop and don’t think about anything? Just ‘be’? Well, if you don’t already, this is another ‘must do’ if you want to look fabulous when you get older, even if it’s for only 15 minutes a day.

6. People
Yep, you heard me…people! Didn’t Aristotle say ‘man is a social being.’ Well, he was right, we are. What will help you look fabulous as you look older is to be surrounded by a group of people you love and who love you. Love IS what makes the world go round. You need to surround yourself with people who make you love, inspire you, support you, and lend you their shoulder to cry on if you need to. Time to let those that drain your energy, and you know who they are, to drift outside your inner circle of supportive friends now. As you let them drift away- no I’m not saying ‘get rid of them’ you’ll start noticing you’re a lot more positive, optimistic, start seeing the good in people and things happening around you. This will make you feel younger and therefore look younger, honestly!

7. Internal Happiness
And no, I don’t mean buying that gorgeous Versace shirt or that fab espresso coffee maker to add to your collection! I mean actually feeling truly happy. So, question for you – what feeds your soul? What makes you feel truly happy? What juices you? What lights your fire? Keep it clean! No really, start making sure that there is time in your schedule for you to do what makes you feel good. ‘Cause then you’ll start feeling

even better about yourself which will make you look even better than you already do, trust me.

8. Just Smile!
Yep, sweet and simple, just SMILE! Even if you have to force one in the beginning, it’ll become easier as you keep practising AND you’ll look happier which in turn will have you look younger and more attractive, easy!

Hope these were helpful.

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