I have been hearing from Gen X and Gen Y that they are experiencing more communication breakdown than ever before with their boomer bosses and colleagues. Gen Xers are experiencing high levels of frustration because their boomer bosses are not planning on retiring any time soon. It also appears to Gen X that their boomer colleagues are unwilling to share their knowledge or be supportive team players.

Gen Y also find challenges with their boomer bosses and colleagues- they feel that their viewpoints are readily dismissed and that the generalizations about Gen Y have created a negative bias from the boomers. So what are you to do if you are a Gen X or Gen Y working with boomers?

Here are 8 ways to win over and get along better with your boomer boss or colleague:

1. Put yourself in the shoes of the boomer and remember a few things about their reality such as they have worked hard to get where they are, they have a sense of entitlement based on their time on the job and they do not like change for the sake of change.

2. Help your boomer workmate to look good- if you compete with them they will naturally go into reactive and protective behavior. You will get far with a boomer if you 'appeal to their ego' in a sincere and caring way.

3. Offer to make their lives easier with your technological knowledge. Boomers want to use technology to make-work easier but they learn best when shown how to use technology and they appreciate your innate technological knowledge.

4. When presenting your ideas do not 'diss' how it's been done or imply that the current methods are archaic and outdated. Instead compliment how the current system has worked and how your ideas will enhance and simplify what they have been working with.

5. Approach your boomer boss or colleague with their personality in mind. Even though they may be of a certain generation they are individuals with unique preferences. If your boomer boss is a driver personality then make sure you keep your sentences short and sweet and get to the point quickly.

6. Resist the urge to see your boomer boss or co-worker as a parental figure. If your boss or colleague reminds you of your mother or father you may subconsciously behave in a way that can come across as patronizing or disrespectful.

7. Have a heart to heart conversation with your boomer boss or co-worker and share with them your desire to get along better, to understand where they are coming from and to come up with mutual understanding of expectations.

8. Deepen your understanding of what your boomer boss or co-worker may be up against in trying to keep up to all of the technological changes and workplace changes. Boomers have grown accustomed to 'formal' work environments and protocol is a big part of how they interact. It is a big change for them to have a more casual, relaxed and openly sharing work style.

Author's Bio: 

Cheryl Cran, CSP is the author of, "101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work" as well as "The Control Freak Revolution" and "50 Ways to Lead & Love It". She is a leadership and generations expert frequently in the media. To find out more visit http://www.cherylcran.com