Your vision board: it’s your treasure chest, a way to glimpse into the future that awaits you.

If you’ve ever made a vision board, you know the value of having one. But you also know how much work it takes to create one. Or you may have started a board and never finished or updated it because it was too much trouble.

Here are 8 reasons an online vision board is faster, easier and better than a cardboard one.

1. From a heap of effort to a simple click

When you decide to create a vision board, the obvious thing to do is to gather all the magazines lying around your house.

The first problem may be that you don’t buy magazines regularly, or you recycle them soon after you read them.

But even if you do have enough magazines, if you just grab all your out-of-date issues, you may miss the very images you are look for, the ones that represent a future you haven’t imagined yet.

With an electronic vision board it takes only seconds to type a keyword into a search engine to find all the targeted images you want.

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2. From expensive glossies to gorgeous free images

One popular blog on visioning suggests you go to a bookstore with a really great magazine selection and grab any magazines that jump out at you, even those outside your area of interest. It suggests you check out issues on bug collection, off-road vehicles and décor magazines, because they will spark your imagination.

Those are good ideas, but if you want 15 images for your board, and each magazine has just one image you like, you’ll need quite a few magazines. With each glossy magazine costing $5-$12, you can easily spend $100 or more for one vision board.

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3. From stumped to sparked with “Google suggests”

Finding product-based images is fairly straight-forward. It’s even easier if you want something that’s trendy or popular, such as a certain kind of watch.

But if you want images that relate to a specific outcome, a feeling, or something off the beaten path, that can be trickier.

Magazines are limited in what they offer you, but the Internet conjures up anything you can think of, and even offers you images you haven’t thought of yourself.

You can get access to some of the most amazing photography in the world, often for free or for a small fee of a few dollars – often less than the price of a magazine.

If you use an abstract keyword such as “spiritual” and you don’t get results that give you goose-bumps, you can always try a synonym, such as mystical, unworldly, divine, or transcendent.

Just think of the power of having that much inspiration at your fingertips.

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4. From annoying advertising to seeding your own messages

Flip through any magazine, and before you know it, you’re pulled into the advertising trance of the images and words.

For example, if you see a sun-drenched beach, the ad is likely to be selling a product such as suntan lotion or snack food. You are stuck with the words on the page, and can’t help but be influenced by them, even if they counteract the emotions you want to evoke.

There’s often no way to remove or cover up the words without destroying a good part of the picture. It’s the same with Pinterest.

Vision Boarder is different because you can find exactly the image you want, and add the text that speaks to you. Or you can omit the text entirely – it’s your choice!

And if you want to use a quote or aspirations for daily motivation, how likely is it your local newsstand will have the exact quote with an image that inspires you?

With Vision Boarder you can add your favorite sayings to any background you choose, and have a unique customized quote that speaks directly to you at a deeper level.

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5. From creating trash to supporting the environment

If you buy a stack of magazines to get the one or two images from each one, you’re buying a pile of paper. What now?

You have to find a place to hoard all these issues that no longer serve you. One possibility is to cart them off to a hair salon or doctor’s office, if you can find one that will accept them.

Or you can pitch them into the recycling bin, or even worse, the trash. Why not save all that money, time and paper by just getting your images online?

No muss, no fuss.

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6. From a sticky mess to tranquility and harmony

Then there’s the issue of actually making the board. You have to shop for the right size cardboard, and get a specific kind of glue that won’t stain your pictures, or dry up and risk your images falling off.

Making a classic vision board can get very messy. Once you glue something down, you only have a few minutes to move it around before the glue dries and you are locked into that creation.

Now, take a look at your average vision board. It can be very disorganized, with the images placed helter skelter. The mind and brain responds to simplicity and beauty.

A cluttered, chaotic board is not as effective as an organized board that’s artfully arranged. It’s just like trying to work at a desk that’s piled high with papers, or cook in a kitchen with dirty pots and pans in the sink. When you clean up, everything seems more accessible, and you feel more at ease.

Your vision board should create a sense of calm, to keep you inspired. A harmonic, board leads to a clear vision!

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7. From “out of mind” to powerful daily reminders

Online boards offer you a powerful way to reprogram your brain for success: getting daily notifications to view your board. Studies say that our minds are most receptive to programming during the alpha stages first thing in the morning and right before we go to bed.

The problem is that many people start a vision board and never get back to them. Think about it. You operate in a digital world. You communicate on your phone, work on your laptop and switch on your TV when you get home.

You need a digital vision board that fits your lifestyle. Just as your smart phone has apps you rely on, your online vision board offers fresh possibilities, such as helping you create a routine of focusing on your dreams.

Something magical happens when you focus on what you want every day. Things begin to shift and reality becomes like more malleable. These reminders to look at your board multiple times a day tap into the limitless potential of your mind to create your reality.

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8. From troublesome to easy travel

What if you want to take your vision board with you, or have it in more than one location, such as your bedroom and your office?

What if you want to share your dream with your support group, friends or family members?

It’s a nuisance to tote a bulky cardboard vision board around, or to have to make more boards so you have them in the places you frequent.

With an online board, you can access it from your mobile devices. You can sneak a loving look at your vision board while you wait in line to pay for groceries, on your lunch or coffee break, or when you travel. You can glance at it on your laptop at work while you pretend to be analyzing a sales graph in a meeting.

Now you can have a pleasant glimpse into the future that awaits you, any time you desire.

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