Different types of recordings can help you to program your subconscious mind effortlessly in ways that match your listening preferences and mood.

Hypnosis recordings

To help you to become more open and receptive to suggestions, hypnosis recordings guide you into a state of deep relaxation, through words, relaxing music, and sometimes through addition of brainwave entrainment.

Now that your attention is directed inward and your mind is free of any distractions, you are ready to create positive changes, through the use of empowering suggestions, hypnotic language patterns, future pacing, and other techniques.

You are also in an ideal state of mind to purge your mind and heart, releasing any inner obstacles and clearing the way for rapid manifestation of your goals.

The first part, induction guides you into a physically relaxed, yet mentally alert and inwardly focused state of mind, ideal for programming your subconscious mind.

If you are listening to recordings that help you to fall asleep or explore lucid dreaming or get solution to the problems through prophetic dreaming, the recording will end with suggestions for restful and refreshing sleep.

With most other hypnosis recordings you may be guided to emerge from the trance state and return to your normal daily awareness.

Some hypnosis recordings may have embedded subliminal and supraliminal tracks.

Subliminal recordings

Subliminal recordings are convenient because you can generally listen to them at any time, during the day, while you’re working or studying, or in the evening while watching TV, reading a book or even sleeping.

Subliminal recordings contain suggestions which are masked by music, ocean waves or other nature sounds.

Some subliminal recordings, the sometimes called “hybrid”, have suggestions placed once in a consciously audible format at the beginning of the recording and then they are masked with music or nature sounds.

Other subliminal recordings, sometimes called “silent” have all the suggestions masked by music or nature sounds. Some are enhanced with brainwave entrainment suitable for daytime activities or for sound sleep.
Supraliminal recordings

Supraliminal recordings are similar to subliminal, however they contain a track with suggestions placed at a high frequency of 15.5 kHz.

These recordings may also come in “hybrid” format or in a format where all the suggestions are masked by music.

Supraliminal Plus recordings

These recordings contain 3 tracks, one supraliminal and two audible tracks. The audible tracks contain empowering statements repeated throughout the recording at different intervals, so that you can simultaneously hear different suggestions coming to your left and right ear, which creates a subliminal effect. The suggestions which you do not consciously hear, bypass your conscious awareness and become impressed directly upon your subconscious mind.

Affirmations recordings

Recordings with affirmations contain a selection of empowering statements repeated throughout the recording in a consciously audible format.

Affirmations recordings may also have embedded subliminal or supraliminal track.

Personal Vision Statement recordings

Personal Vision Statement recordings contain a story describing an ideal day from your perfect life – your vision – as if you were experiencing it right now, with all of your senses.

Even though Personal Vision Statements do not contain any hypnotic inductions, you are naturally entering a trance state when you transport yourself within the realm of your mind to a time where you are immersing yourself in experiencing your dream life made manifest. For that reason, these recordings also tend to have a relaxing background music, and for best results you may want to listen to these types of recordings when you can just let go, relax and enjoy listening to your life story and experiencing it in as great detail as you can.

Brainwave Entrainment recordings

Brainwave entrainment recordings synchronize your brainwaves using isochronic tones or binaural beats. They usually do not contain any suggestions. The purpose of these recordings is to put you into the most suitable state of mind for the achievement of your goal. The tones or beats of brainwave entrainment recordings are masked with music or nature sounds to make them more enjoyable to listen to.

Sanskrit Mantras recordings

Sanskrit Mantras are words of power. They are combination of tantric sounds which do not have any translation in and of themselves and of Sanskrit words which do have the meaning. The purpose of these recordings is to create a vibrational resonance within you with the energy you desire to manifest in your life.

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