Almost 90 people in the United States die in road accidents every day, and 30 out of those 90 dies because they were either drunk or had an accident with a drunk driver. Even though this is a number that is decreasing gradually every year, it does not change the fact that more than ten thousand people are dying every year in the US because of drunk driving. That is why it is the responsibility of every driver to make sure that they are driving sober and safely whenever they are getting behind the wheel.

Whenever you are getting behind your car's steering, it is your duty to protect yourself, your passengers, and other people on the road. If you do not take it seriously, you can end up hurting someone, and it can have some dire consequences. Whenever you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug, you must not drive at all and should travel home via Uber or local transport. And I am not just talking about being heavily drunk; even when you feel you are a little intoxicated, you should avoid driving at all costs.

When you get caught driving drunk by the authorities, you will be charged with a DUI offense and might have to deal with court proceedings as well. We all make mistakes, and if you have found yourself in this situation, then you do not need to panic because it can be handled. First of all, you need to realize your mistake and promise yourself that you would never drive intoxicated again. Then you need to get your head straight and do with things the right way. You must also hire a lawyer if needed so that you can deal with your case in a better way. Below I have mentioned a few tips that can come in handy while dealing with a DUI charge. Let's take a look:

Cooperate With the Authority

If you have been caught drunk driving, then you need to keep your head calm and behave civilly. A lot of people make the situation worse for themselves by arguing with the police officer. Police officers are trained for this job, and if they have found you driving drunk, then you cannot fool them in any way. So, there is no point in arguing with them. You must follow the instructions given to you by the officers, and if they try to arrest, you do not resist it. It is understandable that staying calm is quite difficult when a person is drunk, but you will have to try your best. You have the right to remain silent, so there would be no need to answer the questions they will ask you. All you have to do is tell them your name and address; you are not bound to disclose any other information.

Field Sobriety Test is Not Compulsory

Most people do not know it, but the field tests taken by police officers are not compulsory at all. If the police ask you to take the test, then you can refuse it politely. These tests are completely voluntary, and if you refuse them, the police officer cannot force you to take it. However, it is also advised that you either take the test or tell the police that you are drunk if you, in fact, are under the influence. Remember, the more cooperative you are, the easier it will be for you to deal with the entire situation. The more aggressive or manipulating you will become with the officer, the worse it can become for you.

Never Resist Arrest

Keep in mind that the moment you step out of your car, your behavior will be under examination. Everything you do after that can and will be used against you in the court. So, as mentioned earlier, you need to cooperate with the officers and follow their instructions. If they decide to arrest you, then you do not have to resist it at all. Resisting arrest will only make things worse, and after that, a DUI charge would be the least of your worries. Such situations are difficult, and most people act on impulse, which makes it difficult to stay calm in those moments. But you also need to tell yourself that it is in your best interest and deal with it accordingly.

Take the Implied Consent Test

After your arrest, you will be asked to take an implied consent test, the procedure for which can depend on your state's laws. Normally you will either have to take a breath test or a blood test. You should not confuse this test with the portable Breathalyzer test or field sobriety test as they are completely different. It is better if you are asked to take a breath test because its validity can be refuted in court. On the other hand, if you are asked to take a blood test, it will be considered evidence. A blood test lasts longer and has much more credibility than a breath test. You should not refuse to take the test at all because it can have worse consequences. In some states, your license can be terminated for an entire year, and that is something you will have a tough time dealing with.

Hire A DUI Lawyer

Your DUI case will go into the court, and to fight that, you will need a good lawyer beside you. So, make sure that you hire a competent DUI lawyer who can make a strong case for you and will ensure that you do not have to pay any hefty fines for one mistake. While hiring a lawyer, you should make sure that they are practicing in your state. If you are in San Jose, you must hire a San Jose DUI lawyer only. The US laws vary from state to state, and you do not want a lawyer from another state fighting your case. You should also look for a lawyer who is experienced and has fought several DUI cases before. An experienced lawyer will be able to understand your case much better and would not make any errors that can prove costly for you. There are thousands of lawyers in the United States, and you are going to find plenty of options when you start looking. So, make sure that you end up going with the one that understands your case and has plenty of resources.

Take an Independent Blood Test

In the majority of the states, the police officers are required to ask you to take an independent blood test if you wish to take one. The police will have a sample of your blood, but you can get one for yourself as well as evidence. A person who is not familiar with the DUI law and is being charged with it first time is most likely to refuse it. But this independent blood test can do wonders for you and can be the key that will get you out of jail. If you demand to take the test, the police will allow you to go to the nearby hospital for the procedure. If you were actually drunk, then the test would not make much difference for you. However, if the police officer forgets to ask you this, then this can be used against them in court. It can also help you challenge the credibility of the blood report created by the police station.

Write the Entire Day Down

Once you are able to get a pen and paper, you should start writing the events that have transpired with you in the last 24 hours. When you have had a day, it can be hard to remember the details the right way. And if you are intoxicated, you are bound to forget a major chunk of the story. Keep in mind that your lawyer is as good as the information you give them and if you have nothing to give to them, you are only making their job harder. So, it is recommended that as soon as you get out of custody, you write all the things, including the name of the officers who arrested you, an alibi who can testify that you were sober, and where you were coming from when you ran into the police. Also, if you were kept in a cell, you should not talk about your case with anyone at all. There could be microphones in the station that can record your conversation. Also, if you tell someone that you were actually drunk, then it can be used against you as potential evidence in the court.

Maintain a Good Behavior after Bail

Once you have made bail, you should stay away from any sort of activity that can cause future troubles for you. You have to stay at your best behavior because if you land into more trouble with the authorities, it can be a huge blow to your DUI case. In that case, you might receive a heavy fine or worse; you can end up in a house arrest as well. So it is better to stay at your best behavior.

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