1. Send really large files

You know how your Internet service provider (or your recipient's) will complain if you send an audio file or other large file? Get around that by using YouSendIt, which handles the transaction through a web site.

2. Create pdf files easily

If you only need to create pdf files every once in a while, use this free option. From this web site, you can browse for your file on your PC, and upload it. A few minutes later, the PDF version will show up in your email inbox! That was easy.

3. Write more dynamic and engaging sales copy

The better your sales copy, the more attractive you are to your prospects and clients. Try out your key phrases in this headline analyzer and instantly see how they rate on empathetic, intellectual and spiritual dimensions. You may need to exercise caution with this site - it can become addictive!

4. Free conference calls

There are MANY services providing free conference calls and it seems like they all have some kind of technical glitch from time to time. Sigh. I'm currently using FreeConferenceCall.

5. Newsletters and autoresponders

Again, there are many choices for newsletters. I needed to have autoresponders as well, so that led me to aWeber.

Autoresponders let you set up emails on a particular schedule, that are automatically triggered when someone joins one of your lists. For example, you can create a 5-part e-course where aWeber will send out one lesson a day, for 5 days, whenever someone joins your list. You set up it once, and that action happens automatically whenever someone joins. That's a time-saver!

6. Find support at the price YOU want to pay

Want to find some freelance help? I found a very competent web developer who created some simple pages for me for only $10/hr through elance.com. On elance.com, you create a description of your project and define your pay range. Individual and companies from all over the world bid on your job. You then pick the project winner. You can manage the work, track emails, and make payments through the elance site. It's very simple to use.

7. How many words are in this paragraph?!

Open Word, highlight the section you want to count, then click Tools, and then click Word Count. You'll see the number of pages, lines, words, and characters.

8. Time conversions, math, and much more

As it turns out, the Google search bar responds to 27 key words that can save you an extra step. Instead of going to weather.com to see the weather in San Francisco, you can type: weather San Francisco, CA in the search box. Instead of going to a time conversion site to figure out the time difference between you and Boise Idaho, you can type: time Boise in the search box.

See the full list of 27 functions the Google search box provides at

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Marcy Stahl’s passion is helping women direct sellers and solopreneurs achieve the successful lifestyle they want. She knows that the top entrepreneurs have the top mindsets. Her mission is to help every entrepreneur develop a profitable and abundant mindset.

Marcy is a serial entrepreneur. Previously, she co-founded and managed a government contracting firm that earned over $1M in annual revenues. She holds a B.S. with honors and M.S. in Computer Science from George Mason University. Prior to coaching, she spent 21 years in the corporate world in technology.

She is the co-author of Direct Selling Power. Marcy is an Area Chapter Coordinator with the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA) and a member of the Direct Selling Women’s Speaker Bureau. She’s currently in coaching school for direct sellers.