EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, can make a huge difference in the quality of your life. There are so many ways in which EFT can help you to live your best life that it’s difficult to narrow it down to 7. EFT can help with both emotional issues and physical issues and if you are diligent about tapping, the results will come.

Following are 7 of the most compelling reasons to learn how to use EFT, and to utilize it on a daily basis.

1. EFT can lower your stress level. Stress can impact on your life and your health in many negative ways. Regular use of EFT to directly address your stress can give you immediate relief. There is no reason to go through life with your body tied up in knots from stress when some simple tapping can drop your stress level significantly. Stress is all about your reaction to what is going on in your life, and EFT can help you to change the way in which you react, thereby lowering your stress level.

2. EFT can help you to deal with self esteem issues. When you feel badly about yourself, nothing in your life seems quite right. You have an inner critic inside your head, constantly watching for the next mistake you make, and rushing to judgment about it. You treat yourself more harshly than you would ever treat someone else. Quiet that inner critic once and for all with EFT.

3. EFT can help to deal with and reduce anger. Anger can be a highly destructive emotion for anyone who is carrying around a lot of it. Anger can damage or destroy relationships, can cause a great deal of unhappiness, and can ruin lives if it’s not dealt with. Tapping on your anger with EFT is a quick and easy way to start letting go of the anger, and moving toward a place of peace.

4. EFT can reduce or eliminate physical pain. EFT is tremendously effective for reducing physical pain, whatever the source of the pain might be. Headaches, toothaches, backaches, knee pain, and all kinds of other issues can be quickly and effectively addressed with EFT. Even pain from acute injuries can be reduced through tapping, although common sense must be used in regard to whether you need medical attention.

5. EFT is highly effective with phobias. All kinds of phobias can be successfully treated with EFT. Whether yours is a fear of spiders, snakes, dogs or other critters, or your fear has to do with flying, public speaking, riding in an elevator or heights, EFT can help to eliminate the fear and really turn things around.

6. EFT quickly relieves food cravings. Do you have a craving for sweets or sugary soft drinks or high carb pasta? If so, you will find that you can use EFT to rid yourself of those food cravings in an amazingly short time. Take control of your cravings instead of letting them take control of you by tapping them away.

7. EFT can help you to let go of your past and move on. When you have had traumatic experiences in life, or have been treated badly by others, especially those who are closest to you, there is a tendency to hold onto those memories and feelings and replay them over and over in your head. EFT is an amazing tool for tapping away those emotions and memories, allowing you to move on with your life.

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