Hey All You Big Givers!!

The first thing we may think of when we think of giving, is money (or gifts and presents which cost money). However, some of us may feel financially constrained . . . The second thing we may think of when we think of giving, is our time. With fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules, perhaps that's a tall order, too. But wait! There are so many different ways to give. Don't think we need only time and money to make a difference. Here are five additional ways in which we can all give this holiday season:

1. Giving of our Space

This could be giving a seat on a bus or letting someone go ahead of us in a lineup. This could be opening our doors and inviting our neighbors into our homes. Or, we could simply be generous in giving people the space to be whoever they want to be. Let's not judge others so quickly; let's increase our level of acceptance.

2. Giving of our Heart

Take the time to really listen to someone. Feel what they are feeling. Understand who they are and why they are who they are. Let's really put ourselves in their shoes.

3. Giving of our Soul

This is giving of ourselves at a spiritual level. It may be in the form of praying for somebody. It may involve meditating on helping someone else and uncovering solutions to their problems. Or, it can simply be sending off positive energy vibes.

4. Giving of our Spirit

This is giving without reason and giving without any conditions, attachments or expectations. But what are we giving? Smiles, hugs, and compliments. It is giving joyfully with enthusiasm. When combined with giving money or time, it is giving without ever having any worry as to whether our gift will be mismanaged or misused.

5. Giving of our Being

Giving of ourselves completely is giving 100% of ourselves. What does this look like? It can look like anything . . . Recipients see it as empathy, compassion, and love.

Let's experiment with different ways of giving. Different things work for different people, so let's give in ways that will be meaningful to others.

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I am a blind, Pakistani albino. Really. That's who I am. I'm an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of "A Dictionary of Distinctions."

My vision is to help transform the lives of millions of people around the world through a new media genre: the convergence of entertainment and inspiration.

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