When the Vancouver 2010 Olympics were on, I had the fortune to get tickets to an event. I went and saw a hockey game - Latvia vs. Slovakia. It was a great game although Latvia was overmatched with Slovakia. Still, it was exciting to watch these athletes in action and it got me thinking about these wonderful athletes.
Olympians are not like ordinary people. Let’s face it, most of us are not motivated enough to get up at 4:00 am and practice our hearts out for six hours a day, seven days and week and then hold down a job, be involved in fundraising and community service.

Most of us can’t handle the pressure of having ‘the world’ watch us - carefully scrutinizing our every move. But for the athlete, this is what drives them - competition, challenge, defeat and victory - they ‘come alive.’

Olympians start out as ordinary people who learn to take on traits that are extraordinary. These characteristics are the key to their power and ability to conquer fears, insecurities, physical barriers and more. You can learn how to take these traits and apply them to your life and business and you’ll become more successful.

Here are 7 Key Olympian Traits:

1. Vision: Athletes have a clear vision of where they're going and this saves time and energy.

2. Run Through: Olympians run through their events mentally before they even do them - this gets them in the 'zone' and gives them an 'edge.'

3. Discipline: Olympians may not love getting up at 5 am but they know they have to put in the time - they must be strongly disciplined.

4. Coaches & Mentors: Athletes know they need supporters and coaches to 'push' them when they want to quit. This is key - without support and accountability, things dissolve.

5. Never Quit Attitude: Olympians feel like quitting at times - just like us but they 'push through' and know they won't win without tenacity.

6. They Lose a Lot: Olympians often lose more than they win but it's their strong, determined spirit that keeps them moving forward when others would quit. This makes them win.

7. Block out Negativity: Olympians may feel stress, fear and depression but they work on blocking out the feelings using mediation, coaching, and other techniques.

When you run a business or deal with everyday life, you'll feel these strong and negative emotions - frustration, stress, anxiety...the feeling of wanting to quit. However, it's the people who persevere with determination and a plan and vision that will succeed!

Just like the Olympian, you can use the same tools to forge ahead and 'go for the gold.'

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Rickwood, BFA, CPCC, is a creative visionary artist, coach and author who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs save two hours a day and minimize stress and overwhelm. To get your FREE Instant Stress Relief Kit visit: www.escapethepace.com or go to www.StressBusterProgram.com to banish stress immediately.