Here's what I'd do, in order, if I wanted to start an internet business, and I was starting out completely from scratch.

I would:

1. Focus like a laser beam on ONE niche at a time - and not advance to another until I was either successful in that niche, or, learned enough about it to know whether or not I wanted to stay in it or keep looking.

I'd decide which niche to enter based upon how well I matched up with my prospect's, e.g., based on my prior knowledge of their industry, or my personal aptitude or interest - or - the potential profit
margins, size of market, competitive advantage or disadvantage, etc.

TIP: If I didn't have a specific niche to start out in, and I needed to get going really fast, I'd find a niche filled with people who were desperately trying to find a solution to a major problem.

2. Next I'd compile (or purchase) a list of prospects within the niche who are CURRENTLY using the services I'd be offering ... and then research until I fully understood and could list the exact features and benefits which attracted and motivated them to use these services.

3. I'd research my top 10 competitors, and list the exact products, services, pricing, etc. that
they are offering.

4. I'd create my own list of products & services ... based upon how well I could match up with what's already out there, and what my research revealed is most desired within the industry.

5. I'd develop a USP, to differentiate myself from my competitors. In case you don't already know what a USP is - you need to. It stands for “Unique Selling Proposition”, and it's perhaps the most critical part of your marketing plan. (If you don't know how to go about developing one I have a full and complete report I'd be willing to send you for free if you'll email me and mention this Ezine Article. You can get contact information through visiting my website – see below).

6. I'd obtain marketing material (if you haven't already done so) teaching how to write an ideal sales letter I could use for prospecting and/or selling, and I'd use it on the home page of my website

7. I'd create 2-3 marketing pieces using brochures, white papers, special reports, Google ads -- which put a huge spotlight on the benefits my research told me my prospect's are looking for, with promises (only if I knew I could keep) to help them realize these benefits.

That's a lot of work right there - but if you'll do it - you should be able to carve out a very profitable niche for yourself.

All the best ...

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Virgil Stanphill is an author, a publisher, and freelance copywriter with a background in direct sales, having sold on strictly commission for more than 25 years. Get information on his book: The Beginner's “Easiest Book in the World” for Learning How to Write Powerful Sales Letters and get a FREE Sales Letter Template at: