Powerful leadership is exactly what most of us look for, in ourselves as well as outside ourselves. We look for people who provide that extraordinary quality that pulls people toward them, makes great endeavors appear effortless, and, in short, make us envious!

So we went to look for what constitutes effective leadership – what is this quality that creates powerful leaders? The first component we identified is that every one of the powerful leaders is CLEAR ON WHAT THEY ARE COMMITTED TO. They speak it at every opportunity. They don’t hem and haw, or stutter, when people ask what they are up to and what they intend to accomplish.

Powerful Leaders know that THEY ARE THE ONE! They recognize that they are the source, the catalyst for creating their vision. They don’t depend on others to make it happen – that’s always their job! And they take on that accountability with all of their attention and intention.

Effective leaders are clear on the EXPECTATIONS – their own and those of others. They communicate clearly – what is expected, and what they can be counted on for.

Powerful leadership requires POWERFULLY CREATING TEAM. Effective leadership derives from a shared commitment, inside of which each individual team member can realize their own goals.

Effective Leadership means MANAGING THE RESULTS we want to produce. Instead of trying to manage each and every action, powerful leaders keep their eye on the target, the results to be produced, and then have the teams action align to those goals.

Powerful Leaders are experts in MANAGING RESOURCES. Effective leadership requires that you allocate appropriately a wide variety of resources, including both financial and human assets and resources.
Powerful leaders are MASTERS OF COMMUNICATION . Not only can they communicate where they want to go, but they can effectively communicate that to anyone, in such a way that people are called into action, and empowered to produce the results that will lead the way to the desired goal.

An finally, effective leadership requires STRUCTURES FOR SUCCESS. Powerful leaders have planned it out, mapped it out. They know the results that have to happen, and the actions to be taken to produce those results. They’ve put those actions and results into time – scheduled them for themselves and for team members. And they manage fore the success of those structures!!

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Author's Bio: 

R. Means Davis, V, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is founder and CEO of Empowered Enterprises International, a global career coaching and organizational strategic development company. A graduate of the top rated business school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his career has grown from risk management and insurance, human resource management including recruiting, placement, and consulting, to the founding of Empowered Enterprises International in 1993.

His expertise includes the design and development of individual career paths, organizational strategic planning, and the design and delivery of customized training & developmental seminars. He inspires and motivates people to produce unprecedented results. His life mission is represented in the company purpose: Reach Your Goals; Realize Your Dreams!

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