A classy watch is all you need to slay all those OOTD and OOTN at an amazing party. But do you know except the simple watches, there are various types of watches that you can slay on different occasions? So, to make you all aware, here we have listed different types of watches for various occasions.

Types of Watches


A casual watch is all that you need to wear on all the occasion if you don’t have the habit to change your look every time. The basic work of a casual watch is to tell time and to give you a decent look. You can wear such watches on a daily basis, like while going to office or college.

Dress Watches

A dress watch is a very delicate and elegant accessory to adorn. These are among the types of watches which are meant to be worn with formals and not casual clothes. These watches are usually bejewelled with diamond studs that make these watches look royal. If you are heading for a royal wedding or a big meeting then you can surely adorn this dress watch. And it is also a perfect gift to give to your special one.

Luxury Watches

Wearing a luxury watch is a way to show the luxurious lifestyle. Though luxury watches have pretty much the same functioning like other watches but the quality it is made off is super fine and one can find major differences between a luxury watch and a basic watch by just looking at it. Some of the most popular luxury brands for watches are Cartier, Breitling, Rolex etc.

Sports & Dive Watches

A sports watch is mostly loved by people who are travel and adventure junkie as these watches are made for people who go out freely without any worries. The features of these types of watches are great as it offers long battery life, extremely durable, water and shock resistant. If you will invest in one good sports watch, you won't need any other watch for a long time due to its great durability.

Activity Trackers

Activity tracker watches are basically made for people who get conscious about their health and want to keep a track on their daily activity. An activity tracker watch tells the walking steps, sleeping time, alerts to drink water, alerts to stand up and walk when you sit for more than an hour, also it can even check the heartbeat. Nowadays these activity tracker watches have inherited some traits of smartwatches as they now show the notifications as well when it gets connected to the phone.

Smart Watches

Smart watches are so in trend nowadays, these watches are a complete package that serves the basic purpose of a watch and has special features like a mobile phone. All you need to do is, connect your phone with the smartwatch and you are good to do all your phone tasks like calling texting, checking notifications etc. There are many big brands like Samsung, Apply, Fitbit etc that has launched their smartwatches and people are literally drooling over them.

The Hybrids

A hybrid watch is pretty technical, though the mechanism of these watches is modern. This watch gives vintage sort of vibes. Hybrid watches pretty much cover the functioning of an activity tracker watch as well, as it tracks your physical activity like walking steps, calories burnt etc and it also displays the notifications when you connect it to your mobile phone. If you are a techy person who is looking for a stylish watch that is an all in one package, then hybrid watches are the perfect pick for you.

So, these were the 8 types of watches that you can adorn to enhance your personality.

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