We've put together five tips for the campaign and five more for multiplayer to help you get off to a good start in this revamped series that brings significant changes.

The latest Call of Duty is a throwback to the game that launched the whole phenomenon, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And while it channels the core of the original [ Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ], it also does it very differently. From a more courageous and open campaign to a multiplayer experience led by the brilliant Gunfight mode, Modern Warfare 2019 will put your CoDs to the test. Here are five helpful tips for both the campaign and multiplayer after several sleepless nights with the game. So be brave, soldier, and let's get to work. To get the best service visit Modern Warfare boost.


1. Take your time
Don't rush into combat situations thinking you can be a super soldier, the pace in Modern Warfare is much slower. You will receive numerous bullet hits quickly and you will suffer the consequences. Take it easy and use cover to your advantage to position your weapon on hard surfaces and stabilize its recoil.

2. Listen to other characters closely
Characters on your team, like Captain Price, will give you audio cues as part of your objectives. For example, if they tell you not to shoot, don't shoot anyone! Listen to what they are saying, as you will be rewarded during those great show times.

3. Go back and repeat the missions
Some of the missions have various ways of approaching them, like the attack on Piccadilly, for example. Repeat those missions and you will see things that you did not see the first, second and third time.


1. Don't run all the time
Running in Call of Duty makes a lot of noise. It can reveal your position and let an enemy know where you are. Try to take things a little more calmly if you know someone is around, especially if you think you have heard. Taking the advantage of Dead Silence can reduce the noise of your movements, so grab this utility and run to surprise your enemies.

2. Positioning game
Don't be afraid to camp out and stealthily wait for your enemies and targets to finish them off. With the switch back to a killstreak system, Infinity Ward is basically pushing the "positioning game" so feel free to use it to your advantage to earn those killstreak rewards. You just have to be prepared for your ears to ring.

3. Top up while on ADS
In Modern Warfare you can now reload weapons while aiming at your targets. This means that you can track your target very precisely and start firing as soon as the magazine is ready in your weapon again.

4. Use verticality to your advantage
Modern Warfare maps put a bit more emphasis on verticality, so you can use that advantage to assault enemy players who are lower than you. Look for areas where you can really cover yourself, since they won't always be in sight; just in case, always have a ledge to hold on to.

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