How do you captivate your reader at first sight? The answer lies in how you write your descriptive essay outline for your assignment. Many students have excellent content, but they don’t make their lecturers to read their papers with passion. Some do it for the sake of grading your essay. Here are some tips on how to write an irresistible essay outline.
What is an essay outline?
It’s the first thing your readers see that shows them how you have organized your essay. An excellent descriptive essay outline example tells your reader what to expect in your writeup. Your essay outline should meet some basics for it to be effective. Here are tips on how to write a fantastic outline.
Write your outline last
The last thing to write in your essay is an outline. You need to organize your thoughts and decide how your paper will look like. You will have an idea of your descriptive essay outline if you have completed your assignment.
There is no guarantee that you will have a clear flow of ideas the minute you start writing. Forming your outline means you have an already organized process which is a rare case unless it is a numbered question.
Experts will tell you that your second paragraph when you start writing may become second last by the time you are done. If you had formed an essay outline, you have to delete it and create a new one.

Edit your outline
The purpose of your outline is to show your lecturer that your content is the best and they should read it. You cannot convince them to read your essay if your outline has errors. You send an impression that the content is even worse, and you cannot blame it. If your outline, which is outrightly seen, is this bad, what about your content?
Use editing tools if you are unsure of words or phrases instead of guessing and making assumptions. You can use Grammarly free version to check and correct errors. The application allows you to see misspells and unnecessary spaces in your essay, turning your reader off. The advanced Grammarly scrutinizes more critical errors such as unstructured sentences, wordiness, and fluffy.
Avoid plagiarism
Plagiarism can occur anywhere during your coursework writing, including in your descriptive essay outline. If you got your content from the internet, you might be tempted to copy-paste titles and subtitles. These will still appear in your plagiarism report. Ensure you paraphrase every word you collect from the internet.
Use a plagiarism checker to create original titles and subtitles for your essay. Turnitin helps you detect these errors and their sources, and your work is to replace them with better words. The best idea is to construct your outline, which is cheaper and accessible.
Create titles and subtitles
Titles and subtitles organize your work and make it easy to read. Imagine reading a ten-page essay, no consistent breaks, and not direct on what to expect next. I bet the maximum time you can spend on such a paper is too little.
Ensure your paper has as many subtitles as your essay can afford by breaking your paper into small sections. It will make your readers enjoy reading because it’s easier to connect sentences and paragraphs.
Be clear on the flow of content
Your outline should show how each part leads to the other. Go through your essay and ensure your paragraphs connect. It’s hard for your audience to know where you are heading if the first paragraph connects with the fifth and the third one with the introduction.
Write short sentences in your outline
Short sentences ensure your outline is concise and to the point. Your reader will quickly know what your essay is all about and decide whether to continue reading. Long sentences leave room for fluffy content and wordiness because you include unnecessary phrases.
Format your outline
Your outline should have a consistent format all through. It’s unpleasant to read an outline that has a different outline and scattered everywhere. Bold your subtitles. It’s a way of distinguishing your title from your content. You can add more decorative aspects such as title case and color.
Have a consistent place where to put your titles. If you decide to center them, let it be so throughout your paper and not having some flushed right and others left.
The end
The article has given you tips on how to write a descriptive essay outline. Use them to write your semester exam and see how easy-to-follow guidelines can transform your grades. Remember to format, edit and be concise in your outline. You can also hire professional writers to help you write your outline.

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