All high achieving, successful people possess successful habits.

One of the most basic reasons why successful people are successful is because of their consistent habits and behaviors.

The margin between success and failure can often be fine, but what often proves the difference is having successful positive habits.

All the great leaders, pioneers, artists and entrepreneurs of our time have practices and routines that lend themselves to productivity, accomplishment and success.

Successful habits of successful people include such things as getting up early each morning, being prepared, prioritizing tasks, proper planning, or effective time management.

But what can you do to develop successful habits that will really make a difference to your life. Here are seven steps you can take starting today.

1. Identify Your Sabotaging Habits

Establish the behaviors and actions that you need to change to improve your life. Write down what habits you need to create which will replace the ones that are holding you back and inhibiting your progress and quality of life.

2. Be Clear Of Why You You're Doing It.

If you have a good reason for why you want to change a bad habit then you'll be far more motivated and determined to do it. What benefits will you experience in your life if you adopt this new, more positive habit?

3. Change One Habit At A Time

Focusing on breaking one bad habit and replacing with one that's more positive will dramatically increase your chances of success. Spreading your energy to change all your bad habits at the same time will overwhelm you and probably lead to you giving up.

4. Start Small

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Whatever habit you've decided to drop then start off by taking small, manageable steps to achieving it. If the task of changing a habit seems insurmountable from the start then you're unlikely to ever get past go. For example, if you've resolved that you need to get up at 6am each morning to increase your productivity, but currently you sleep in till 8.00am then try setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier each morning until you arrive at your new goal. This approach will allow your body to slowly adapt to creating this new habit.

5. Tell Others Your Intention

When you inform family, friends or colleagues that you're practicing a new, more positive behavior, you're likely to be more disciplined and determined to achieve it. When they are aware of what you're trying to do, they will be watching to see if you have the necessary will power and commitment to see it through to the end. This attention can prove a great motivator and driver to help you accomplish your goal.

6. Visualize Your New Habit

Regularly imagine yourself behaving and acting out this new habit. The more you visualize yourself already having this new, more positive habit, the quicker this new behavior will be impressed on your subconscious mind and become automatic.

7. Have Patience

A new habit can't be created overnight. Developing a new habit can take days or even months before it becomes a consistent, automatic behavior. Don't quit half way through due to frustration. The key to creating any new habits is patience and repetition.

Applying the above steps will help remove all your bad habits and replace them with habits that will lead you toward more success and accomplishment.

Thomas Edison once said 'The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn't like to do.'

Become the successful person you've always wanted to be, by practicing successful habits that will slowly but surely transform your life.

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